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巧茹 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


(1)You need to consider the implications of this decision to buy property in the marsh. It is likely that environmental groups will protest against apartments being built on a site they want to become a natural preserve.

(2)The invasive "crown of thorns" starfish is seen as a major threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

(3)The river that goes through our town is in danger of flooding. If such an event were to happen, it would ruin several shops and houses.

(4)Artificial reefs are built for the enjoyment of divers and to protect the environment and historically sensitive maritime habitats.

(5)The water shortage in our town meant that only once in every three days could a household have access to water.

(6)In very dry climates such as that of central Queensland, water irrigation is necessary to grow crops.

(7)Droughts have a devastating effect on farmers who depend on a regular supply of rain to water their crops.

(8)There are many fascinating sea creatures that can be found in the Great Barrier Reef which runs along the eastern coast of Australia.

(9)Designer babies have been genetically engineered to make up for nature's flaws.

(10)There is a popular trend towards eating organic vegetables rather than chemically produced ones.

(11)Due to the amount of air pollution from the nearby factories, acid rain was a common occurrence in the city.

(12)Environmentalists were responsible for the protests against the whaling boats.

(13)The enemy army were responsible for the mass slaughter of all the villagers.

(14)The development of beachfront property often leads to the deterioration of once pristine coastline.

(15)The lack of rain for a period of sever months was responsible for the depletion of water in the dam.

(16)It is hoped that the Congo River Dam will help industrialise Africa.

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  • 5 年前


    2. 據侵襲性的''荊棘冠''海星被大堡礁 視為一個主要威脅

    3. 那條穿越我們小鎮的河流有淹水的危險。如果這種事情發生,它會毀掉一些商店和房舍。

    5. 我們城鎮的缺水代表著 只有三天一家人才能取一次水

    7. 乾旱對於那些仰賴經常性的雨來澆農作物的農夫有破壞性的影響

    8. 許多迷人的海底生物可以在澳洲 東沿海的大堡礁被找到

    11. 由於附近工廠的空氣汙染數量,酸雨在城市是正常現象。

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