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Hypertension is a common clinical disease. According to WHO data showthat in 2008 the world's population aged 25 and over, 40% had hypertension,about one billion people worldwide suffer from hypertension, hypertensivepopulation projections to 2025 have six past three p.m. million people, andabout 800 million people each year due to hypertension and other diseasescaused deaths (WHO, 2012). Taiwan in 2002 and 2007 respectively, the surveyfound that in Taiwan in 2002 when the prevalence of hypertension of 22.6% overthe age of 15, men 26.1%, women 19.5%; 2007 people with hypertension prevalenceof 24% over 20 years old, male 27.3%, women 21.1%, indicating that both men andwomen 2002-2007 upward trend in the prevalence of hypertension, and theprevalence of hypertension increases with age also increases (cited in HealthPromotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (2011) also bloodpressure and cardiovascular disease are consistent, sustained correlated, thatis, the higher blood pressure value, to obtain the probability of myocardialinfarction, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, as well as higher(Chobanian, Bakris, & Black, 2003), and hypertension is also an importantcause of death, in 2012 announced the top ten causes of death in Taiwan,hypertension, ranked No. 8, so the prevention and treatment of hypertension isan important global health issues, but also health care workers need to facethe challenges of an important issue.


高血壓是臨床上常見的疾病。根據世界衛生組織(World Health Organization;WHO)資料顯示2008年全球25歲以上人口有40%有高血壓,全球約有十億人罹患高血壓,預估至2025年高血壓人口有十五點六億人,而且每年約有八百萬人因高血壓引發其他疾病而死亡(WHO,2012)。台灣分別於2002及2007年調查,結果發現台灣地區2002年時15歲以上的高血壓盛行率22.6%,男性26.1%,女性為19.5%;2007年國人20歲以上高血壓盛行率24%,男性27.3%,女性為21.1%,顯示2002-2007不論男女性高血壓盛行率有上升趨勢,且隨著年齡增加高血壓的盛行率也增加

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(引自Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare(2011)。而且血壓值與心血管疾病具有一致性、持續性的相關,即血壓值愈高,得到心肌梗塞、心臟衰竭、中風、腎臟疾病的機率也愈高(Chobanian, Bakris, & Black, 2003),且高血壓也是造成死亡的重要原因,2012年台灣公佈十大死亡原因,高血壓排第8位,因此高血壓的防治是全球性重要的健康議題,也是醫護人員需面對挑戰的重要課題。

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  • 5 年前

    Hypertension is a common disease in clinical practice. According to WHO (World Health Organization) data show that in the world's population aged 25 and older, 40% had hypertension and about one billion people world wide suffer from hypertension in 2008. Estimated hypertensive population is 1.56 billion till 2025, and about 800 million people die of other disease caused by hypertension each year(WHO, 2012).

    Taiwan had survey in 2002 and 2007 respectively, and the result found that among 15 years of age and older, the hypertensive rate is 22.6%; 26.1% in male and 19.5% in female in 2002. Among 20 years of age and older in 2007, the hypertensive rate is 24%; 27.3% in male and 21.1% in female. Both years' results show that both male and female's hypertensive rate has gone upward, and the prevalence of hypertension increases with age increase (Quoted from Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare 2011).

    Moreover, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are consistent, persistent correlation, meaning the higher the blood pressure values, the higher chances are for myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease to occur (Chobanian, Bakris & Black, 2003). Hypertension is also a main cause in death, and it ranks on the eighth in Taiwan's top ten cause of death announcement in 2012. Therefore, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure is a major global health issue, and also a challenging issue for the health care panel.

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