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Cloud Computing

A reliable information network is part of the essential IT service in transportation industry. Maintaining the satisfied system availability and reasonable recovery schedule is one of the challenges in business world. Hecny has constructed its own Private Cloud infrastructure at self-managed premises at Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It provides a resilient support to cover the IT services in various time zones over the world. We equip with our professional teams located in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Los Angeles, as well as London to manage the comprehensive network and security infrastructures.

This private cloud infrastructure is always working meticulously with our software development team to deliver 100% self-owned application services to meet dynamic business changes and swiftly response to the customer needs.

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    別把YK+英文區當成翻譯平台來用, 一兩句尚可, 多了違反版規.

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