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3.他們不說實話是因為不想要爸爸擔心和失望. 爸爸對他們期望很高反而使得孩子們選擇用善意的謊言來欺騙父親




6.和爸爸不會什麼事都說,並不是那麼親近. 他不要求我們多完美,只要開心健康就好..



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    1. He did not know what to say, and Frank (can not find the topic of conversation meaning)

    2. In fact, she likes girls

    3. They do not tell the truth because they do not want a father worried and disappointed. They have high expectations for my father but makes kids choose to use white lies to deceive his father

    4. Even the most pro-people should fool can be a very sad thing, but it would have to consider their request is not too perfect and normal development of the child can not, can not communicate with you, you can not be honest with you

    5. In addition to the telephone line in the movie let us know more about the story content also represents the caring between people.

    Telephone lines inside the transmission of good news, bad news, is Frank spent his entire life in doing the work

    6. and Dad do not say anything, not so close. He does not ask us to more perfect, happy healthy long enough ..

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    1. He doesn'tknow and what Frank says

    2... In fact she likes girls

    3. they are not telling the truth because he does not want dad to worry about and disappointed. Father had high expectations for them instead of making kids choose a white lie to deceive the father

    4. even the closest people to cheat can be a very sad story, but it is necessary to consider whether he is too perfect to let the normal development of a child, unable to communicate with you, you cannot be honest

    5. telephone line in the movie content apart from giving us a better understanding of the plot also represents concern from person to person.

    Telephone line transmission of good news, bad news, was Frank spent a lifetime doing work

    6. the father and I won't say anything, not too close. He does not ask us to perfect, as long as the happy and healthy good.

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