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健康作業 英翻中

要繳交健康作業 可是自己翻譯後被老師退回來 請大大幫助 謝謝

Healthier public policy is evident through measures such as the introduction of compulsory seat belt usage, random breath tests for motorists and legislation for smokefree enclosed workplaces. However, systematic use of HIA could be used to speed up these processes considerably and assist sectors to act in a timely manner. Even if this responsibility is understood, it is important not to underestimate what it takes to develop healthy

public policy. It has been stated that it took over 15 years of activity to help create the platform on which the Irish legislation on secondhand smokewas developed. It is therefore apparent that there are a number of factors which need to be considered for promoting

healthier public policy, such as advocacy; however, this paper will only review the contribution of HIA.

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    抱歉 這個老師是不計分數的 但是我希望能夠翻通順一點 才不會給老師帶來太大的困勞 謝謝您的意見

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    被老師退回來, 你還是得自己來, 不可在這裡請人代勞.

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