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[英文]請幫我翻譯英文 看不懂

The incidence of SPM is relatively rare,with one study reporting only 1 case in 44,511 admissions to the emergency department(2). Another report indicated that the incidence of SPM in children was 1:11,726 at an emergency department in central Taiwan(3). However, the true incidence of SPM is unknown because the clinical and radiological presentation may be subtl.The common clinical presentation of SPM involves chest pain (89%), dyspnea (67%),dysphagia (18%), and neck pain (11%)(4). Pneumothorax was not observed in our patient. A retrospective review of 62 patients with SPM identified concomitant pneumothorax in 32% of patients. There may have been a high rate of pneumothorax in that study because of the high prevalence of preexisting lung disease and the advanced age of the patients(5)

In this present case, the clinical picture revealed subcutaneous emphysema in the neck and chest wall with crepitus. In one report, the diagnosis of SPM was made by chest radiography alone(6). In another report, 70% of 33 cases of SPM were identified by chest radiograpy and the remaining 30% were discovered by chest CT scan(7).Computed tomography scan of the chest can help establish the diagnosis when chest radiography is ambiguous for identification of SPM.In a previous review, one of 18 patients with SPM experienced complications and received surgical intervention(4). Jogging-induced pneumomediastinum should be differentiated from other life-threatening conditions such as esophageal rupture or bronchial perforation. It is important to differentiate between SPM and secondary pneumomediastinum, such as Boerhaave syndrome. Secondary pneumomediastinum is associated with traumatic chest injury or intrathoracic disease, and there may be a high incidience of pneumothorax and a poor outcome if not diagnosed immediately. In our patient, SPM and subcutaneous emphysema were rare sequelare after jogging. The possible pathophysiology in this present case may be the development of increased


In the initial management of this patient, a decision had to be made between emergency diagnostic tests and conservative therapy. Yellin et al. reported that for a healthy patient with free air in the mediastinum but no pneumothorax, conservative treatment and observation are adequate, and invasive

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    SPM的發病率是比較少見的,有一項研究報告僅1例在44511接診的急診科(2)。另一份報告顯示,SPM在兒童中的發病率為1:11726,在急診科在台灣中部(3)。然而,SPM的實際發生率是未知的,因為在臨床和放射學表現可以是subtl.The常見臨床表現的SPM包括胸痛(89%),呼吸困難(67%),吞嚥困難(18%),和頸部疼痛(11 %)(4)。氣胸並沒有在我們的患者中觀察到。 62例SPM回顧性審查確定的32%患者同時合併氣胸。有可能是因為先前存在的肺部疾病的患者年事已高(5)的患病率較高的氣胸在這項研究率高


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