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英文翻譯 : 聚會追思禱文

家族聚會追思禱文 : 請專家、高手協助中翻英,感恩 !文章有點長,但有莫大的意義,請版主大人手下留情, 勿將此篇文章隱藏,願主保佑大家平安 ! 姨丈,於2014年3月5日突發心肌梗塞而去世,距今已將近一週年了。他是一名令人尊敬的牧師,但他總是謙稱自己祇是個上帝的僕人而已。姨丈終其一生,都在承擔宣教使命,積極、熱情、無私無我地奉獻。他領受上帝的啟示託付,曾經去過泰國、緬甸、菲律賓等國從事異文化宣教,四次赴大陸培訓當地教會的青年領袖。又在上帝的啟示託付下,與阿姨胼手胝足,連袂在屏東縣滿州鄉、麟洛鄉等地建立教會,開辦托兒所,又在台南創辦大道善牧堂、永康善牧堂,並成立黃絲帶愛網關懷協會,幫助許多弱勢家庭度過難關,協助弱勢孩童在課業與才藝上的學習,陶冶他們的品格,提昇了他們在社會上的競爭力。他更帶領這些孩子認識上帝,成為他們一生最大的祝福。姨丈所領受的上帝託付,是要在2015年退休前建立十個教會,要有兩千個會友,五個宣教團隊 。可惜壯志未酬身先去,他所遺留的志願,目前正由阿姨與她所率領的教會志工接續去完成。我們相信,上帝先把姨丈接去,必定有祂的美意,讓姨丈卸下地上的勞苦,進入天家的榮耀,享受上帝為他預備的福分,我們盼望將來在天國與他相聚!

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    It has been a year since uncle succumbed to coronary heart disease on March 5, 2014. He was a well respected pastor; even though he always humbly called himself as a servant of God. He dedicated his entire life to mission, with active, passionate and selfless devotion. He responded to God’s calling, and went on cross cultural missions in Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Four times, he traveled to China to train young leaders in local churches. Convicted by God’s calling, together with auntie, uncle also started local churches and nursery at Manchou Township and Linluo Township in Pingtung County. In addition, they started Dadao Good Shepherd’s Church and Yongkang Good Shepherd’s Church. They also organized Yellow Ribbon Network Association to help the disadvantaged work thought their hardship; assist needy children in their school work and talent development; nurture their characters; and enhance their social competitiveness. He led those children to God so they may receive the greatest blessing in their lives. The life mission uncle received from God was to start ten churches, bring together two thousand church members, and build five mission teams. Regrettably, he went to his LORD before he could complete the mission. His unfinished tasks will be completed by Auntie and the church volunteers she directs.

    We trust that God took uncle away for good reasons, that he could rest his works, enter the glory of the heavenly home, and enjoy the blessings God had in store for him.

    We are looking forward to being united with him in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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    Shoulda told me you were gonna do it...

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  • 羅莉
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    RJ大師的譯筆流暢, 令人欽佩! +1

    至於AP的意見, 童言無忌, 童言無忌!

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  • Claire
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    prisoner26535 大大講的是誰啊


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    我也希望那隻螺 不要又來亂

    說神 "YK+不是翻譯平台" "5行以上尾龜" 這種臭屁話

    再醬說 我就把她的 螺殼踩破!

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    螺殼踩破! 再丟在廁所裡沖掉...

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    Stop whining - My toilet is blocked.

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