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不要google翻譯 請英文高手幫忙翻譯 謝謝!





NHN公司發現在特殊情況下手機通訊不是萬能的,因此委託Naver Japan團隊,開發此款通訊軟體「LINE」。


LINE是一款手機即時通訊軟體,除了主打免費通訊與免費簡訊外,還擁有雙平台功能,同時支援 iOS 和Android系統, LINE特色是其介面可愛,內建多種可愛 ICON



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    Using cell phone is very popular and also causes the uprising App. Among these Apps people prefer to use the communication software called “LINE”. Right now there are 3oo million customers all over the world. It is still rising. LINE software was released in June 2011 and the number of customers was over 40 millions in couple of months. It is beyond our thinking that LINE software affects our living. In Japan people can’t communicate with each other due to the damage of the communication bases caused by 311 Earthquake. Therefore, they used the internet to contact their friends and understand what happened everywhere. NHN Company realized that the cell phone didn’t work under special situation. Then they assigned the job to Naver Japan team to innovate the communication software, “LINE”. LINE is linked to pass love and brings our feeling together. LINE is just like a thread.

    LINE is a Real-Time Communication Software for cell phone. It is all free for calling or sending a message. With two platforms, it also supports IOS & Android system. Its interface is so cute and the build-in ICONs are available.

    The success for using LINE software is dealing with realizing the difference between man and woman in the character. Woman wants to express her feeling correctly through communication. So the founder decided to develop the Communication Software and pass feeling for woman. Then he designed the cute roles as “ Moon, Brown, Cony”. Based on those roles and function, they designed lots of ICONs.

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