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求以下一段文章之英文翻譯 20點

求以下一段文章 翻成英文 20點


3.自助旅遊人們不經過旅遊社,完全由自己安排旅遊行程,按個人意願進行活動的旅遊形式,例如背包旅遊,特點是自由、靈活、豐儉由人、很多人認為自助旅遊是一種省錢的旅遊方式,旅遊內容粗糙,可能會有很多危險, 商務旅館 沒有預定會有不安全的感覺,這是一種錯誤的認識。其實,如果深入了解自助旅遊特性,會發現自助旅遊是一種相當精緻有特色的旅遊形態。自助旅遊使所有的花費都可依自己的喜好來支配,行程可彈性調整,又可深入了解當地民情風俗。自助旅遊絕非玩得多、花得少的旅遊方式,而是一種在同一地方花上較多的時間深入了解該地的特色,接觸當地的人與事,看自己想看見的東西,走自己想走的路。

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    1. Escorted tours: An Escorted tours is a structured group tours

    which consists of more than 10 people who purchase the same tour plan.

    Escorted tours are package tours designed by travel agencies,

    and often referred as a convenient, comfortable,

    safe and economical way to travel.

    However the flexibility is rather limited.

    2. Independent Tours: People who wish to plan their own itinerary and travel

    by themselves without help of travel agency will go on an independent tour,

    or backpacking.

    Independent tours give more flexibility for travel plans and expense control.

    Some may consider independent tour just a frugal way to travel

    without comprehensive plans.

    Besides, personal arrangement for accommodation, restaurants, sightseeing

    route, etc. seems to be a risk challenge.

    But if you know more about Independent Tours, you will find it an interesting

    and thorough way for travel.

    You can take control of the expense and adjust your itinerary at will

    while experience the local life. Independent tours don’t just mean

    you can spend less and travel more.

    Travelers can indulge themselves in the unique culture deeply

    and have close interaction with local residents in their preferred way.

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    Team touring is a kind of touring way with 10 or more tourists buying the same travelling courses or items through a travel agency. Team touring is normally operated at a lower wholesale price and advantaged with convenience, comfort, higher safety but lower prices. However, tourists are allowable for less freedom.

    自助旅遊人們不經過旅遊社,完全由自己安排旅遊行程,按個人意願進行活動的旅遊形式,例如背包旅遊,特點是自由、靈活、豐儉由人、很多人認為自助旅遊是一種省錢的旅遊方式,旅遊內容粗糙,可能會有很多危險, 商務旅館 沒有預定會有不安全的感覺,這是一種錯誤的認識。其實,如果深入了解自助旅遊特性,會發現自助旅遊是一種相當精緻有特色的旅遊形態。自助旅遊使所有的花費都可依自己的喜好來支配,行程可彈性調整,又可深入了解當地民情風俗。自助旅遊絕非玩得多、花得少的旅遊方式,而是一種在同一地方花上較多的時間深入了解該地的特色,接觸當地的人與事,看自己想看見的東西,走自己想走的路。

    Individual travelling people arrange their own schedules without the aid from a travel agency. It is a kind of travelling way totally according to the attempt of an individual tourist. For example, backpacker travelling is featured with freedom, alertness and extravagant or thrifty courses at will. Many people suppose the individual travelling way to be a money-saving touring activity. The travelling content is probably hidden with much potential danger. No hotel reservation will make tourists feel unsafe. However, it is a kind of errant notion. Actually, if people can deeply insight the features of individual touring activities, they will find individual travelling is a fantastic way vested with highly exquisite features. Individual touring makes every single expenditure totally according to your own preference allowable for flexible adjustment and deeper knowledge of local customs. Individual touring is never a travelling way with more fun yet less spending. Instead, it is a travelling way with more time spent to know much more about the local features of a given place. Tourists can closely touch local people and things, see what they want to witness and walk what they want to experience.

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