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    我是台北人,一直以來都是居住在大城市。我很習慣大城市的快步調還有整體的便利性。I am a resident of Taipei and have lived in the metropolis ever since. I have adapted myself to the quick pace of the metropolis and the entire availability it can provide. 我家的位置走出去不用三分鐘就有公車站,走到捷運站也不用花上10分鐘,交通可以說是非常的方便。家裡附近有市場、各種店面以及數不清的便利商店,所以基本生活所需完全不會是問題。The bus station is near my home, less than 3 minutes on foot, and it also takes less than 10 minutes to walk to the MRT station. In terms of public transportation, it is very convenient. There are markets, stores and countless convenience stores near my home, which can fulfill our basic living requirements. 我的外婆家在台東比較偏鄉下的地方,可以說是好山好水好空氣。但坦白說我真的覺得非常不方便,光是網路的訊號就讓我倍感困擾,就連去便利商店都要騎車。My maternal grandmother’s home is located in the rural area of Taidong county where there is good scenery and fresh air. To be honest, it’s very inconvenient for me. The strength of the internet signal alone is really bothering me. Even the convenience store is so far away that I have to ride a motorbike if I want to go to. 雖然親近大自然是可以使身心舒暢,但畢竟我早就習慣居住在大城市,所以要我在鄉下待上個幾天對我來說根本不可能,更不用提搬到鄉下生活。It’s very comfortable both physically and mentally when you live near the Nature; however, I have long been used to the urban life after all. Thus, it’s almost impossible for me to stay a couple of days in the rural area, not to mention to move there.在我還沒來澎湖之前,還不知道澎湖的發展狀況到底怎麼樣,我覺得說不上落後也說不上繁華,而且澎湖也不算是鄉下地方,只是跟台北比起來,食衣住行各方面其實還是有落差。Before I moved to Penghu, I had had no idea about the development status of Penghu. For me, Penghu is neither backward nor prosperous, but compared to Taipei, Penghu still lags behind Taipei in Food, clothing, housing and traffic, etc. 反正不管怎麼樣,我愛城市多過於鄉下,台北有很多我愛的夜市又有很多服飾店,交通又便利,完全離不開阿!All in all, I prefer urban areas to rural ones. Taipei, with convenient public transportation, has my favorite night markets and many clothing stores. I cannot leave it at all.

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    I am from Taipei, has always been living in big cities. I'm used to the quick also there are whole big city conveniences.

    Location of my family go out less than three minutes there is a bus stop, walk to the MRT station also don't have to spend 10 minutes, traffic is very convenient. Home near the market and various shops as well as countless convenience store, so basic necessities will not be a problem.

    My grandmother's House in a rather rural area in Taitung, can be said to be good mountain air well of water. But to be honest I really find it very inconvenient, signals just makes me feel bothered, even had to ride to a convenience store.

    While close to nature can be so refreshing, but I used to live in a big city, so wanted me to stay in the country in the last few days is impossible to me, much less having moved to the country life.

    I haven't before coming to Penghu, did not know Penghu's development of what, I think not falling behind is not flourishing, and Penghu was not a country, but compared with Taipei, food, clothing, housing, and transportation there is gap.

    Anyway, no matter what, I love cities than the countryside, Taipei has many night markets that I love a lot of clothes, and convenient transportation, is inextricably linked!

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