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少年詐欺犯法蘭克·艾巴內爾( Frank Abagnale,李奧納多·狄卡皮歐飾)在1963年至1967年間[2][3],以多種不同方式共騙得400萬美元。他在中學時曾冒充代課教師上法語課,成功瞞騙同學和校方一週。當時法蘭克·艾巴內爾的家庭陷入破產危機,並遭稅局「追殺」。法蘭克·艾巴內爾為了挽救家庭,便鋌而走險,先後扮民航機飛行員、醫生、律師,又利用支票系統的漏洞,偽造多張支票並成功入賬。

聯邦調查局通過對一連串的騙案展開調查,發現法蘭克·艾巴內爾有重大嫌疑,探員卡爾(Carl Hanratty,湯姆·漢克飾)發誓要追捕到法蘭克·艾巴內爾。經多次追逐,法蘭克·艾巴內爾於1967年平安夜在法國一偽造支票的工廠被捕(理論上他是自首的),兩年後在返回美國途中因為得知父親因意外過世的消息而巧妙在飛機降落後從飛機廁所馬桶里的縫隙逃回家,最後在老家外再次被捕,入獄後被拘禁於高度設防的監獄中。卡爾在一次探望法蘭克·艾巴內爾時,把一張假支票給他看,並看中了他辨識假支票的能力,便給他一個監外服刑的機會。法蘭克·艾巴內爾承諾會在聯邦調查局的支票騙案調查科服務,以取代刑罰,但曾因為太辛苦而再度假冒民航飛行員逃跑,但卡爾並沒有阻止他,因為他知道法蘭克·艾巴內爾有一天一定會回來,最後果然回來,繼續幫FBI偵破許多支票偽造案件。


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    Junior fraud law Lanke·aibaneier (Frank Abagnale, liaonaduo·dikapiou), from 1963 to 1967, [2][3], deceived a total $ 4 million in several different ways. He had been posing as a substitute teacher in high school French lessons on successfully fooling the classmate and the school week. Then falanke·aibaneier families into bankruptcy and tax Council and "hunted". Falanke·aibaneier in order to save the family, desperate, has dressed as airline pilots, doctors, lawyers, and exploit a vulnerability check systems, forged many successful books.

    The Federal Bureau of investigation by an investigation into a series of deceptions, found suspected falanke·aibaneier, Detective Carl (Carl Hanratty, tangmu·Hanke), vowed to hunt down falanke·aibaneier. After a lot of chasing, falanke·aibaneier in 1967, celebrating Christmas Eve in France arrested a check forgery factory (in theory he is surrendered), two years after returning to United States after learning that his father died unexpectedly on the way messages and artful after the plane landed from air gap toilet toilet went home finally was arrested again outside the home, prison detainees in maximum security prisons. Karl during a visit at falanke·aibaneier, showed him a fake cheque, and saw his ability to identify fake checks, would give him a chance to sentence outside the prison. Falanke·aibaneier undertakes to check FBI fraud investigation services to replace the penalty, but it was too hard to fake airline pilots to escape again, but Carl did not stop him, because he knew that falanke·aibaneier will come back one day, come back and sure enough, continue to help FBI cases detected many checks.

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