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Café Esplanada – Wynn Macau

If other dining establishments in Wynn Macau are known for presenting the best of a specific cuisine, Café Esplanada should be praised for being the melting pot of culinary traditions. Casual diners can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner overlooking the beautiful garden setting while sampling from an eclectic menu that covers all of Asia, as well as the Mediterranean, Europe and the U.S., including Indian curry, Korean bulgogi, Vietnamese sandwiches, French toast, Cobb salads and fish and chips. There is also a variety of Chinese flavors, including noodles, rice dishes and congee. This is the perfect place for the weary traveling seeking a taste of home, or who is ready to try something different.

Vegetarian and vegan option available on request. Dress is casual.

Red 8 – Wynn Macau

Located in the middle of Wynn Macau’s casino, Red 8 caters to the crowd that needs some nourishment in between bouts at the tables. The restaurant serves food 24 hours a day from a massive kitchen with stations dedicated to preparing the freshest versions of Chinese street stall favorites: barbecued meats, Cantonese dim sum, congee, noodles, and various other northern Chinese favorites.

The mass production, however, does not sacrifice quality. Food is prepared from scratch every morning with precise attention, ensuring each bite is consistent in size, shape and taste. Handcrafted noodles for dim sum and wonton soup are made from scratch every morning by hand, and whole pigs, chickens and ducks are barbecued in an applewood-burning oven that had been designed and built in Beijing to precise specifications. A meal at Red 8 may be quick, but it is a far cry from fast food.

Dress is casual. Guests age 18 and older welcome.


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  • 5 年前

    咖啡苑 - 永利澳門



    紅8 - 永利澳門




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  • 5 年前

    ●九州 娛樂 網站



    ● 真人百家樂彩金等你拿



    ●九州 娛樂 網站

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  • 5 年前

    * 九州娛樂 http://*****












    1. 新舊會員儲值就送500點

    2. 真人百家樂彩金等你拿

    九州娛樂 http://*****


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