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  • 5 年前

    Rico Davis 《 say goodnight》

    Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2] Oh

    Be away from (you)

    All night long to make you disappear整夜离开你,为了不让你出现在眼前

    We had our good and bad times (yes baby, that much is clear)我们有那么多的欢乐和烦恼(是的,宝贝,很明显有那么多)

    But we flew and landed on such a bad plane但是我们搭乘的那么糟糕的飞机着陆了

    We should've practiced real us instead of waste time playing your games我们本该表现出真我,而不是把时间都浪费到你的游戏里

    But you gave me all your love但是你也曾经给了我你所有的爱

    I gave you all my trust (we were so young and in lust)我给了你我所有的信任(我们年轻我们有诸多欲望) And look what happened to us看看我们都发生了什么事

    We got messed up but now as we mature但是随着我们成熟我们把一切都搞得一团糟 You wanna try us again, open the door, but I'm...你想让我们重新再来,打开门,但是我……

    Too scared to take the trip, too scared to board the flight太害怕继续下去了,太害怕搭乘这个航班了 Cuz the last time we tried, I nearly crashed and died因为上一次的尝试,我差一点坠机身亡 Because of it, my heart's got a fear of heights为此,我的心害怕高飞

    Now my baggage and I, we like to stay inside现在我和我的行李都想躲避起来 Tonight, tonight今晚,今晚

    I won't fly, not this time我不会再飞,这一次不会 Through these turbulent skies穿过喧闹的天空

    I ain't gonna' [going to] take this flight我不要在搭乘这个航班

    Still runnin' but I can't escape the pain inside我虽然仍在奔跑,但是难以逃脱内心的痛苦 Before tears hit my eyes I'd rather say goodnight在眼泪流出之前,我宁愿跟你说晚安 Oh oh oh oh (I'd rather say goodnight)我宁愿跟你说晚安 Oh oh oh oh (oh, yeah)

    Peace, seduces, see you later, I'm gone平静,诱惑,再会,我要走了

    Any former goodbye (feels safer to be my own)以前的任何道别,(独自一人时感到更安全) Girl, the day you left I shed so many tears乖,你离开那天我泪洒胸襟

    I try but can't let it slide (my heart is stucking in tears)我努力不让它溜走(我的心里也充满泪水) You say I was a dog, like you ain't do no wrong你说我是狗,就好像你没做错事, Shawnee please spare me all the lies you made up小妮,请给我说说你所编造的所有谎言 Cuz I've given up, the love no longer here因为我已放弃,不再有爱

    So my heart do and now I rock my "roll-by boy"gear因此我意已决,现在我在开启“滚开”装置

    Too scared to take the trip (too scared to take), to scared to board the flight Cuz the last time we tried, I nearly crashed and died Because of it my heart's got a fear of heigh

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