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英翻中 “I think old Suse..


“I think old Suse must have got some sort of examples from these geysers. I just throwed her in back of the car, on top of the bed clothes, pointing back behind where the girls was setting. All at once, several hours later, without no warning, she just erupted. There’s something eruptious in the air up here I guess.”

“And they do the funniest things,” nodded Maw. “I was saying I thought this park wasn’t practical, but some ways I believe it is. For instance, they told me about how when they was making the new road from the Lake Hotel over to the Canyon the engineer run the line in the winter time, and it run right over on top a grave, where a man was buried. There was a headstone there, but the snow was so deep the engineer didn’t see it. Come spring, the road crew graded the road right through, grave and all. When the superintendent heard of that he come down and complained about it.

“‘Now,’ says he, ‘you’ve gone built that expensive road right over that feller, and we’ve got to take him up and move him.’ There was an Irish foreman that had run the road crew, and he reasons thoughtful for a while, and then he says to the superintendent, says he: ‘Why can’t we just move the headstone and leave him where he’s at?’ So they done that, and everybody is perfectly contented, his widow and all. What I don’t see is why don’t the yellow cars stop there and point out that for a point of interest? But they don’t. I believe I’ll speak to the superintendent about that.”

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    ”我認為舊 Suse 一定曾經由這些噴泉得到某種例子過。 在床衣服的頂端上,我剛剛在汽車之後丟她,指出背面女孩正在設定的後面的部分。突然,一些小時之後,沒有沒有警告,她剛剛爆發。向上空氣中有東西爆發這裡我猜測。”

    "而且他們做最好笑的事物, " 點頭了反芻動物的第四胃。 ”我正在說我認為這一個公園不實際,但是我相信的一些方法它是。 舉例來說,他們告訴了我關於如何當他們在到峽谷在冬天時間跑線的工程師方面正在利用湖酒店做成新道路,而且它正確地跑在頂端上之上一個墓穴,一個男人被埋葬了。 那裡有一個墓碑,但是雪如此深入是工程師沒有見到它。 春天到來,道路組員徹底地定等級道路了,墓穴和全部。 當管理人聽說他下來而且抱怨了它。

    " 現在 " 他說 你已經去建造在那一 feller 方面正確地昂貴道路,和我們必須搭載他而且移動他。’有跑道路組員的一個愛爾蘭的領班,而且他說服深思的一陣子,然後他對管理人說話,他說我們為什麼不能僅僅移動墓碑而且留給他他在哪裡在?’因此他們完成了那,和每個人都非常滿足,他的寡婦和全部。 我沒見到的是為什麼不黃色汽車在那裡停止而且指出為有趣的點? 但是他們沒有。 我相信我將提及 superintende

    註:feller 樵夫

    superintende 主管 負責人

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