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It is obvious that voluteer work helps society. However, does it also help the volunteers? Do volunteers get anything out of their work,besides the sense of achievement?Sure they do. Through volunteer work, most people can get valuable experience and knowledge.Many volunteers can also learn new skills which prepare them for full-time jobs. Moreover, it might surprise you that such experience is sometimes as helpful as a degree when it comes to landing a job. Let us say you sort mail in the office of a hospital on weekdays. When the weekend comes, it is time for you, the volunteer, to go out and raise funds on the busy city streets or in fount of shopping centers. Now, it may seem worthless to do all of this unpaid work. Bur when you are looking for a paid job, the experience you've gained as a volunteer may give you an advantage over other job seekers. That is, job seekers with voulnteer experience are more likely to be hired than those people who have never volunteered. The reason is that they have had more chances to learn how to handle difficulties.

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    1.According to passage,who is most likely to be a "volunteer"?

    (A)Jack,a rich shopkeeper that always boasts that he is a billionaire

    (B)Wilson,a student that likes to spend his weekends in a nursing home

    (C)Sato,a famous actor that owns an amusement park

    (D)Ken,a science teacher that keeps a Shepherd in his house

    2.What CANNOT you learn during an experience of being a volunteer?

    (A)to love

    (B)to share

    (C)to loathe

    (D)to forgive

    3.Denis Waitley has said that,“No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself.”so why does a volunteer clearly embody the sentence?

    (A)because they can have a better chance to get a job

    (B)because they can enjoy free medical treatments in hospitals

    (C)because they can learn the true essence of Share

    (D)because they are praised by author

    4.What is the author's attitude toward Volunteer?





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