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長鑫 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前

英文 文法(15點)





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  • 5 年前

    Auxiliary verb (grammar) is a verb such as be, do(Do)(does for 3rd person.) and have used with main verbs to show tense,moods form questions and negatives.

    Do can be a full verb or a special finite:-

    He does his job well. He did good job.What were you doing this days? The holiday did me good.What does he do for a living? He doesn't do anything.

    When do is a full verb it forms its interrogative and negative with the special finite do;as shown(does he do---doesn't do)

    As a special finite do is used:-

    (1) To form negative and interrogative of all verbs except have,need, dare.

    (2)For Question phrases with all verbs not special finite,eg:-

    You understand me, don't you?

    You didn't come here by train, did you?

    (3)To avoid repetition of a full verb, short answers,to make question-tags:-eg:-You live in Tainan, don't you?She doesn't work here, does she ?

    Do you understand that? Yes,I do. No, I don't.

    I like swimming, so does Mary.

    David doesn't like hard work, neither does John.

    Those wishing to go may do so.

    May I help myself to a Chinese dim-sum? Do, by all means.

    They said Peter wouldn't pass his Exam, but he did.

    (The last two examples show the emphatic use of do avoiding the repition of a verb)Avoid repeating=eg:-He plays better than he did a year ago. She works harder than he does. Who won the game ? I did.-I love apples. So did I. I don't want to go back. Neither do I

    (4)With the Imperative of verbs,eg:-

    Do come and see us. Do have some more of this Chinese dim-sum. Do stop that eating noise.-----a request.

    Do not(don't)(does) is always used before a full verb to make the negative imperative,eg:-I don't like sour fish. They didn't go to China.Don't forget to e-mail me or to write. Does she speak Hard-kar language ?

    Do not do that. Don't go till I tell you.don't be late.Never be cruel or unjust.(negative imperative)Do be careful when you cross the road.(affirmative imperative emotion)

    Need also used as an auxiliary verb follow by infinitive with to:-eg:-

    He doesn't need to go.

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  • 5 年前



    do/does這種句型很簡單 你只要記住當句子裡有動詞時就有可能會用到~

    首先從疑問句開始 如果疑問句裡面有動詞就會用到do/does放在前方


    Do you want to drink something?


    反正do出現的目的就是要輔助動詞,就是want~ 舉個例:Are you tired?



    由do/does當前 當句型是疑問句或一些直訴句(直訴句就是 I love you 這種有'主詞" "動詞" 還有"受詞"組合的最基本句型,缺一不可) do/does的詞性及為"助動詞"


    我想大大要問的句型應該是這個,ex. I don't want to eat chicken.


    重點來了!! 假如我今天要說的是 I want to eat chicken.你有沒有發現 這時do不見了?

    沒錯! do/does當動詞時出現機率並不高反而是當詞性為助動詞時就很常見



    參考資料: 國中認真讀英文的自己
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