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My New Year Resolution

文中(and how to make it)



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    Read your compo. out aloud=your oral presentation now:-

    My new year resolution (and how to make it):-

    In 60 words,I work hard + earn more as a Buz man for Buz Contract for money=Committed to money

    A resolution is a final decision decided NOT to do it !!!


    New Year Resolution 60 (and how to make it !!!):-

    -----As a student,my new year's resolution is to deternmine to improve my English in TW and practice it in TW as much as I can !!!

    -----I hope to score 6.5 on IELTS 2015-2016 !!!

    -----The Hard Part:-How should I do it ???

    -----The Resolution:-(1):-I ordered "Studio Classroom--Advanced" to be sent to me via postal mail on a monthly-weekly basis.

    -----(2)Visiting websites such as BBC China and BBC News to read articles interested me. Referring new words jotted down,I make new sentences.

    -----(3)Jotting down how I feel on my personal blog.

    -----(4)My Motto Saying Goes:-I resolve to succeed to win the truth.The difficulty in my kitchen merely strengthened my my saying goes:---"If you cannot stand the heat, endure hardship in perseverance,try get your aim before get out !!! "

    ------To conclude the 4 benefits I have described in my talk are important and therefore I consider that My Resolution 2015-6 will come true if I act accordingly..Thanks for your time and attention !!! (180 words)

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