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staying together 的心得?~






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  • 5 年前

    Book title:-Staying Together (A modern original fiction for learner of Eng.)

    Authoress:-Judith Wilson Cambridge U Press.

    Book Content Description:-

    ---Ikuko goes to England to study English.She promises her boy-friend Hiroshi she will return to Japan to marry him.

    ---However in Birmingham Ikuko discovers a whole new world and falls in love with another overseas student.

    ---Ikuko's journey across the world(Japan---England), not only teaches her about different ways of faces of life; but also becomes a journey of deeper understanding of self-discovery.

    My reading report and impression:-

    Romantic:-It is a strong feeling of attraction for somebody that you(=Ikuko)are sexually attracted to (=another student,say from Italy).

    ----It is a love story in boarding school.

    ----She was in love with him.

    ----They fall in love with each other during the social meeting with each other for a year.

    ----It was love at first sight

    ----They were attracted to each other the first time they met in boarding school.

    ----Ikuko madly in love with him,because he teaches her everything.

    ----He is from a rich family in Italy also and have the famous Japanese Town in Italy.

    ---Their love grew with the one-year studying life "staying together" in the same dormitory.

    ----Italy cared for her more than Hiroshi realized.

    ----Hiroshi is only a friendly name to her.

    ----She thinks Hiroshi is not loyal to her anymore and devoted to another girl !

    ----Different ways of face of life=She finds more interesting,exciting and full of activity with the Italy Boy Friend..

    ----A deep understanding of self-discovery=For the life of him, why she want to leave Italy BF with her prospect and an easy life, and a life of luxury ?

    ----They concluded a treaty with marriage.

    ----A true agreement was concluded between the two countries (Italy---Japan.)

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