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急!!! 中文翻譯英文

急需精準的中翻英!!! 貢獻20點!!!




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    Stress, the necessity in our life, has come to mine ever since I was in the junior high, in hope of achieving a higher level of education, senior high. But now I'm a high school student, eager to get admitted into the ideal college and for that I was granted with larger curricular stress. "Pressure is the first step of progress," the article has mentioned. Life without stress could merely locked me in my comfort zone, and away from anything acquirable. The article also mentioned about the essential element for Inc. Formosa to win the public approval, their good attitudes,in which they keep with gumption, seen from their thoughtfulness toward their client, anticipation for each employees, and each process they refuel the vehicles.

    Leadership, vision ,and value is the fundamental quality that one leader must possess. I believe that under the leadership of a executive, we shall have a goal first. The goal would draw attention; then respect heightens our confidence; position makes trust; communication gains our sense. With these approaching, we gain more effect in leadership; a goal triggers other's will to understand, respecting on each person's opinion; as for a position is the where a team would stand in the society. After we stabilize it, we would definitely be able to trust one another; final communication is to strike a consensus after we constantly communicate on a topic, and with that we will acquire group spirits gradually.



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    The development of our country, about which we care, is quick and mess compared to the fast and good one in China. They are competitive, yet we race with our own kind. Their youngsters think about the future of the nation, yet we strain our perspective more than anyone else, holding ourselves locall

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