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This system had parameters that described capacities and decay rates

for memories, cycle times for processor subsystems, and other processes.

The parameters were estimated from experimental studies. However, most

of the experiments used young adults (usually college undergraduates) as

the sampling population, so such parameter estimates are not adequate to

describe older adults’ performance.

A few researchers have since attempted to derive parameters for

older adults, and some recent estimates for the age 60+ population from

Jastrzembski and Charness (2007) are given in Table 16.1. Numbers in

parentheses represent upper and lower bounds for the parameters, similar

to a confidence interval for a statistical parameter. These values can be used

to try to simulate middle-aged and old-old populations. Corresponding to

the rule of thumb offered in Chapter 2, most of the estimates for processor

cycle times for older adults are between 1.5 and 2 times as long as those

for younger adults.

GOMS modeling is meant to be applied to routine task performance,

that is, performance that is well practiced. It would not be applicable

to novice performance that involves problem-solving activity. As such,

GOMS models would be expected to generalize to tasks after people

have acquired reasonable proficiency. Such models should provide good

estimates of stable performance such as that found in job settings. As

usual, it is worth keeping in mind that the older adult population is

highly variable, and so any particular model can be expected to provide

ordinal information about design decisions, that is, whether design A is superior to design B, and the actual time (or accuracy) advantage for a

given design may vary depending on the specific older adult population.

Below we provide a fairly elementary example of estimating the time to

enter data on a computer.



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