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紫熒 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


麻煩各位大大 這是一篇要介紹動漫的約5分鐘左右不等的短篇報告

希望大大能用正確文法及通俗.卻又不會太簡單的文字完成 意思差不多就可以了 最好200字以上 請分段 (請不要使用google翻譯 感恩)希望喜歡動漫的英文強者或純粹的英文強者能幫幫我啊


今天 我要介紹的主題是動漫 因為這是我平常的嗜好 首先我想提出幾個我最喜歡看的動漫!內容是在介紹關於男子游泳社的故事 裡面有5個主角 其中我最喜歡的角色是一個有著灰黑色頭髮的男子 [中文名為 七瀨遙] 會喜歡他的原因是 因為他是個冷靜 淡泊的人 游泳並不是因為要追求名次和錢財 而是因為接觸水時能使他感到愉悅及自由 這樣的人我很欣賞 也是我喜歡這部動漫的原因

2.我還要介紹另一部動漫sword art online

這是一篇關於刀和劍的故事 男主角kirito的勇敢與熱情使我欽佩 他是一個善於使劍的玩家 為了解救所有的玩家他一次又一次的拿起劍與每一個關主對抗 然而 不負眾望 他終於成功解救大家 並成為了遊戲內最強的玩家

3最後一篇是關於籃球的故事The basketball which Kuroko plays

主角與大家所想的可能不同 不是一位非常有才能的球員 但他將自己比喻為影子 相信隊友 並輔佐他們 並不自己爭功 這是讓我非常喜歡的一點 因此 每當他出場時 總是比起其餘厲害的球員更吸引我的目光

我的報告到此結束 謝謝大家

大致如上 如有自己想法可以自行添加謝謝:)因為很急 希望周二晚上能收到感恩感恩



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  • 小TT
    Lv 5
    5 年前

    Today, the topic I'm going to introduce is animation, cause it's my hobby.

    First, I'm going to talk about some of my favorite animations.

    1. Free! is a story that tells about the Men's Swimming Club, which have 5 protagonists. My favorite character is one of them, a boy with gray and black hair, and his Chinese name is 七瀨遙 (English: Nanase Haruka). The reason that I loved him is that he is a calm and indifferent person. His motivation of swimming is not fame nor money, but because he felt joy and freedom when he touches water. I admire such kind of people, and this is also the reason that I liked this anime.

    2. I would like to introduce another anime - Sword Art Online. This is a story about knives and swords. I admire, the male main character, Kiroto's courage and passion. He is a good player with swords. To save other players from the game, he picked up his sword to defeat the enemies (關主 Keeper??). At the end of the story, he live up to expectations, saved all the players , and become the strongest player in the game.

    3. The last story I'm going to talk about is - The Basketball which Kuroko Plays. The main character may be very different with what everybody imagined. He is not a talented basketball player, but he described himself as a "shadow". He believed his teammates and assisted them, instead of setting up power struggle. This is the feature that attracts me. Therefore, whenever he played, he catches my attention instead of other more powerful players.

    This is the end of my presentation, thank you for your attention.

    參考資料: me,, google
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  • 5 年前

    Today, my topic is anime, because this is my hobby. First, I would like to talk about a couple of my favorite anime.

    1. Free! is about a high school swimming club. There are five main characters in it, my favorite character is a guy with grayish black hair, his name is Haruka Nanase. The reasons why I like him are he's very calm, and he swims not for fame, but for the joy and freedom he gets from swimming. I really look up to people like him, and this is also the reason why I like this anime.

    2. The next anime I'm going to introduce is Sword Art Online.

    This is a story about sword. I admire the lead character, Kirito's courage and enthusiasm . He's a player that is good at using sword, In order to save all the players, he fight with his sword against the keeper. In the end, he lived up to everyone's expectation, he finally saves everyone, and becomes the strongest player of them all.

    3. The last anime I'm going to talk about is The basketball which Kuroko plays.

    The main character is perhaps different from how we thought he'd be. He's not a talented player, but he calls himself a shadow, meaning that he believes in his teammates and support them, and he does not ask for reward. These are the reason why I like him. Therefore, every time he's on the court, he usually attracts my attention more than the stronger players.

    This ends my presentation. Thank You.

    這完全是我自己翻的 我是應用外語科的學生 :)

    p.s: 我也很喜歡Free!和黑子的籃球喔~ 所以我真的是盡全力去翻譯的

    參考資料: 我,字典
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