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艾琳兒 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前

英文文法: 搭乘take took taking

麻煩幫我看一下文法 ( 不要翻譯機)


mama first time to take a ride on Maokong Gondola


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  • 5 年前


    mama first time to take a ride on Maokong Gondola

    Mama's maiden ride on the Maokong gondola (名詞片語)

    Mama's first Maokong gondola ride (名詞片語)

    This is Mama's first Maokong gondola ride. (整句)

    Mama had her maiden Maokoong gondola ride last night. (整句)

    Mama enjoyed her maiden Maokong gondola ride very much. (添油加醋句)

    Mama enjoyed her maiden Maokong gondola ride so much that she tipped the operator. (添油加醋句)

    2015-03-16 04:40:19 補充:

    She enjoyed it so much, she brought the melon along for another ride...

    2015-03-16 06:48:35 補充:

    It beats me too. Typically, gondola is

    1. open top

    2. short side walls

    3. for goods, like melons, coal.

    Commonly used in transportation, like rails, boats...

    2015-03-16 06:57:04 補充:

    You will also find them at Bangkok and at Venice for romantic rides.

    I am not sure why the term is also commonly used in cable tram.

    They indeed use the very term to call those enclosures with glass windows on all sides for grandmas and grandpas.

    2015-03-16 07:05:06 補充:

    Certainly for balloons too.

    ABQ is very famous for balloon competitions but I thought you live in SAF?

    I hate them for being caught swimming naked a couple of time in my back yard when a few balloons determined to swing by out of blue.

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  • 5 年前

    mama first time to take a ride on Maokong Gondola.

    ==> This is the first time mama takes the Maokong Gondola ride.

    2015-03-16 01:02:56 補充:


    This is the first time mama takes the ride on the Maokong Gondola.

    2015-03-16 05:11:50 補充:

    Master AP! As I know, gondola is usually for hot air balloon. As for the MaoKong cable car, where I live has the world second longest one, it is called "tramway". What do you think?

    2015-03-16 05:13:39 補充:

    I rode both the tramway and hot air balloon, I think I would rather take the tramway. The landing of hot air balloon can be dangerous! Sometimes, flying itself is dangerous!

    2015-03-16 07:37:31 補充:

    Well, well, because this melon is in danger to be busted by AP, so I had better have many hideouts!

    2015-03-16 07:42:18 補充:

    ABQ does have balloon fiesta! During that 10-day event, people can see hundreds (if not thousands) of hot air balloons in the blue sky!

    2015-03-16 07:47:32 補充:

    By the way, at night, they have glowdeo (balloons are on the ground, but burners will be fired up, it makes the balloons like many gigantic night lights in the dark evening).

    2015-03-16 07:53:03 補充:

    Here is the release of balloons and glowdeo video:

    Youtube thumbnail

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