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The Future ofTransportation英翻中

The Future of Transportation A. LookMom, No Hand!In May 2012, Nevadabecame the first place in the world to issue a license for a driverless car. Thelicense was for a Toyota vehicle that employs technology developed by Google toallow drivers (if you can call them that!) to travel without having to operateany of the car’s controls themselves. While Google cofounder Sergey Brinpredicts that driverless cars will be on roads everywhere within five years, mostexperts think it might be a bit longer. B. TheHorizontal ElevatorAlso known as pod cars,Personal Rapid Transit will revolutionize public transportation, according toproponents. It’s basically a cross between the subway and a taxi, with small, automatedvehicles moving around on tracks. One advantage of the system is that you won’thave to wait on the platform for minutes, as a car will arrive within second ofyou pressing a button to call it. Another attractive aspect is the fact thatyou won’t have to share your carriage with a heaving mob as each vehicle willcarry just a few people. But the biggest plus is that by entering yourdestination, you’ll be able to travel direct from point to point, withoutstopping at all the stations in between. Several pilot schemes are alreadyoperating around the world, and more will be launched soon. C. HereComes the SunModern, high-techvehicles are undoubtedly going to play a major role in the development oftransportation, but what about the roads and highways themselves? Onefascinating concept in the solar road. Solar panels would replace concrete andasphalt and the energy collected would pay for the road itself over time. Otherpossibilities could include adding LED lights to provide the road marking, andheating for frosty climates. Although, solar roads won’t be widespread anytimesoon, at least one company is already working on plans for a solar parking lot.

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    媽!你看!沒有人駕駛的車子!在2012年5月,內華達州成為世界第一個發出無人駕駛車輛執照的地方,這個執照是發給使用谷歌開發科技的豐田品牌汽車,可讓駕駛人(如果你要這麼稱呼的話!)無需操控車輛即可到處行動。谷歌的共同創辦人Sergey Brin預測無人駕駛汽車將在5年內各地方中上路,大部份的專家認爲所需的時間可能更長些。



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