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1. 大會不提供寄物袋,請自行準備封口之寄物袋,將個人物品裝袋封口,並貼上衣物保管卡,否則大會有全部提供寄物服務,不便之處請見諒。

2. 晶片請勿彎折或揉捏,如造成晶片失效請自行負責。

3. 活動前號碼布及姓名有異常請告知現場工作人員,若晶片未正確配戴影響成績,大會不負責。

4. 如被通知為前十名,請記得留下來等待頒獎。

5. 如有遺失晶片或未帶到者,大會將有空白晶片,另外酌收100元晶片費。

6. 大會將在活動當天早上5:00-11:00接受衣物保管,請留意時間,領取時憑號碼向工作人員領取,認證不認人,請勿代領。

7. 如活動當天號碼布遺失,領取寄物時請示出比賽證書。

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    1. 大會不提供寄物袋,請自行準備封口之寄物袋,將個人物品裝袋封口,


    The General Assembly needs even to provide any services

    of cloakroom, please carrying the cloakroom-bag

    which makes it a perfect seal did by yourself ,

    when the personal articles putting in already.

    We apologize for any inconvenience

    2. 晶片請勿彎折或揉捏,如造成晶片失效請自行負責。

    Do not bend or knead smart chips,

    resulting those failure,

    you have the handle at your own risk.

    3. 活動前號碼布及姓名有異常請告知現場工作人員,


    Please inform workmen at field in time,

    getting the tag number and wrong name by mistake

    before such the activity.

    if the smart chip is not worn properly

    that will be down to the grade,

    G.A. is what not to be responsible for it.

    4. 如被通知為前十名,請記得留下來等待頒獎。

    The top ten being to be notified , you want ,

    staying and keeping to receive the awards.

    5. 如有遺失晶片或未帶到者,大會將有空白晶片,


    Extra charge NT$ 100,

    as the attendances who lost or didn't to wear up

    about smart clips that G .A. will be to give

    these blank clips for you

    6. 大會將在活動當天早上5:00-11:00接受衣物保管,



    G.A. at 5:00-11:0a.m. accepts any personal articles handling ,

    please pay attention to the time, number,

    receiving your articles from the service-workmen ,

    the authentication we have and identification we don't have.

    And also , don’t get something on other behalf.

    7. 如活動當天號碼布遺失,領取寄物時請示出比賽證書。

    If the tag number lost in the time-activity, please offer the game certification to put out of the cloakroom articles you have.

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    1. The bags for your personal belongings are not offered; make sure everything is packed and sealed otherwise the committee reserves the right to refuse the custody of your properties.

    2. Do not bend or squeeze the wafer; you are responsible for the loss of it.

    3. If the official numbers on bibs and names are not correct, please inform the staff before the event; otherwise, you are responsible for the loss of it.

    4. If you are within the top ten grades, please stay and wait for the award.

    5. If the wafer is lost or not brought, the committee do offer blank wafers for 100 NTD per one.

    6. The committee will carry out the custody of your personal belongings from 5AM to 11AM on the day. Please pay attention to the time. You will have to give the number bibs for the exchange in person only.

    7. If the number bib is lost on the day, you will have to produce your competition certificate for your personal belongings.

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    否則大會有 全部 提供寄物服務