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我想問英文變好的方法有甚麼 只有英文 因為我已經國三 5月中旬要會考 每次英文都是底部的B 有什麼方法可以進步到B++或A 因為我沒有補習 覺得英文似乎對那些有補習的人很簡單 原本成績考好 都是被英文拉下來 所以想問英文變好方法還有模擬考的文法.閱讀和聽力 真的想讓英文更好

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    -----------Turning English from bad to good--------

    -----If you want to ask How to turn English from poor to good method,because you are in Senior 3 ,then in mid-May you have to take the National Exam. which falls to the bottom B.How can you progress to B+++ or A ?Since you've no tutorial course and that English seems to be comparatively simple and easy for them,you want to ask what good methods can improve your English result.The following are the 5 aspects of good Exam results from your reckoning-scoring already:-

    (1) Grammar:-is the Linguistic terms syntax of English language you've learnt in your Grammar School. Try buy a" Basic Eng.Grammar Book" which will help you to pass the Exam. Parctise makes perfect.

    (2)Reading:-Try read a story book.You can interpret,study and understand it if it is well-written.Don't read The Oxford Progressive English Readers from Starter----->Level 1--->5, they are very difficult ,hard for learners at any level to learn Each book includes questions, activities,cultural context,character profiles and author biographies are very hard and heavy.Ask an Eng.teacher Or Tutorial Crammar Course teachers.Read newspapers and magazines and textbooks instead.

    (3)Listening:-Did you listen to what TW BBC Or VOA broadcasting channels?Pay attention,take notice of them in listen=speak, because pop-song singers are your celebrated favourites and you can repeat their well-known lyrics and learn.

    (4)Speaking:-Try express yourself,hold a conversation with usa foreigners&friends, talk to speak about usa,and comment on TW.Try state your opinion,voice your thoughts on Senior Exam.Don't talk on synonyms too much,since you don't mention "Speaking" in the posting ?

    (5)Writing:-Try to write an Eng diary,your thoughts,compo-copied for your Exam prepared,.Word-processor is the tool you write with.Read the writings of Shakespeare and have a recitation of a poem.recitation=Rendition=Speaking=Tell us you got AAA.Note:-Practise makes perfect. No pain ,No gain .

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  • 寫大量的題目~~~

    聽力每天都要聽 我每天都有在聽空英 所以覺得有差

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