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FARIMA 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


1. He told me all the news, none of ___ was very exciting.

(a)that (b)it (c)which (d)what


2. I tried to grab the pickpocket ___ the sleeve but I missed it.

(a)by (b)in (c)on (d)from



3 個解答

  • 5 年前

    1. It is to test your understanding of "relative clause". Only "which" can be used as a relative pronoun.

    2.Besides "in", the rest of the choices are all possible. For example:

    grab from:

    This video I grab from Youtube.

    grab on:

    Grab on and hold it tight!

    grab by:

    I grab him by the neck.

    However, There are differences among them.

    Using "from" needs to indicate the "source".

    Using "on" means to hold onto.

    Using "by" has the meaning of exerting the control over something.

    2015-03-31 22:09:15 補充:

    With the saying about Q#2, you can see using "by" is a better choice, because you have the intention to control something. Using "on" doesn't have such an intention, but just to "hold on".

    2015-03-31 22:13:08 補充:

    For Q#1, in a daily conversion, if there are choices like "those" (instead of "that"), or ""them"(instead of "it"), then you can use "them" or "those". However, since this is a test of relative clause, and the question is made intentionally and carefully, so you can only choose "which".

    2015-03-31 22:14:14 補充:

    to control something ==> to control something or someone.

    2015-03-31 22:23:25 補充:

    In some situation, you can see "grab in", but it is NOT the same thing as the others, for example:

    I'd made a list of the things I'd grab in a fire.

    2015-03-31 22:24:19 補充:

    As you can see, using preposition in English is very complicated, you have to use them by heart, not by rules.

    2015-03-31 22:24:54 補充:

    preposition ==> prepositions

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  • 5 年前

    None of "those" would have made the clause independent, and in violation of compound construction.

    最佳解答者說第一題可以用 those 或 them 是錯誤的。 這將子句成為獨立, 必須有連接詞 或使用分號。 不過請大家注意這不吝的額外指點充分地顯出她無私的精神,我們不應該太在乎對錯,重要的是別辜負她的一片熱心。

    2015-05-15 17:07:06 補充:

    When heart agrees with rules, then:

    Use them by heart = use them by rules.

    When heart does not agree with rules, then:

    use them by heart = don't follow rules

    So, if "Use them by heart, not by rules" makes sense to you, then you are a moron!

    2015-05-15 17:36:30 補充:

    最佳解答者提供的另一個秘技: 作答時要憑感覺, 不要憑文法。

    可能是我的資質所限,苦練後只能達到憑感覺,也憑文法的程度, 因為心裡想的往往就是是文法的規定, 不知道有沒有人也碰過同樣的問題? 苦於達不到大師說的憑感覺,不憑文法的境界,我已萬念俱灰, 大師可否指點指點學生?

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    5 年前

    1. He told me all the news, none of ___ was very exciting.

    (a)that (b)it (c)which (d)what



    none of the news was very exciting

    與先行詞all the news連結時,只能用關係代名詞which帶出形容詞子句



    2015-04-01 15:42:52 補充:



    I grabbed the man by his sleeve.=我是用抓住那個的人袖子的方式逮住他的。


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