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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


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  • 5 年前

    I guess the people who inspire me most are all dead, you know, they're all dead.

    I think that like the presence(?) of I guess uh..rainy days, I like that.

    I'm Rick or zombie boy or Rico, however you may have heard of me.

    I'm a performer, a sideshow freak or a model or actor depends where you've heard of me.

    I like gross stuff.

    Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder, that what they say.

    It changes from person to person, everybody has their own opinion, their own ideas of what beauty is.

    It's not a come from the inside, it's got to be personal.

    And if you are a true and genuine, I've find that beautiful.

    I got my, I got my nickname back 'cause when I was younger I was in the hospital, with a brain tumor.

    and um..I was, I was stuck there for quite a bit and I was told that I might not get to leave.

    I was on the waiting list.

    Never, never lose yourself.

    That what, that's just something somebody said to me once, and it's stuck in my head.

    I was (gold???)

    I guess uh..when I was growing up back in Montreal I had like many, many lots of offensive tattoos all over.

    and it's just very common in that culture.

    and I grew older, my tatoos' kinda spread and accumulated, just kinda naturally.

    I see all the other one's(?) tatoo, just one, just one tatoo.

    when I was a teenager I was very in (???) with films, making film and music.

    I was very much want to get into, well you know I was into the horror movies.

    and..I wanted to get my hands in blood.

    fashions' been really cool to me.

    When I've been travelling, we've been pretty much going to all these 5 stars hotels and really (???) places

    where back at home when I hang out at the slums, you know, before(?) forties, that's the early(?).

    you know we know(?) the parents were not hanging out then, crackhead hill there, you know, like.

    that's why I like home, 'cause I can be myself fair.

    2015-04-12 14:17:26 補充:

    I like making my own clothes, I mean, the customize is your own thing so,

    as me and my hat,'s just a 5 dollar hat and I put some stabs on it,

    kinda make it look like a dinosaur or something.

    I've been asked, somebody asked me before if this hat is (???).

    字數過多 而且他也不讓我補充內容


    2015-04-12 14:18:24 補充:

    well, I mean I don't know anything about fashion.

    I love the sideshow, I am a very big(?) for (???)

    (???) I show myself to my friends back at home in Montreal.

    It's a very interactive show with the crowds, so you could get pulled on to stage

    2015-04-12 14:18:50 補充:

    and get your head cut off, or your intestines pulled out, or God knows(?).

    Creativity comes from the soul, it keeps you alive.

    I mean, it makes you human, right?

    if you keep creating and keep producing, and you're looking forward to your next project, always

    2015-04-12 14:20:58 補充:

    instead of just going with the motions and following, you know, somebody else's project or some of it(?)

    and it's just great to be active in general, wherever your ambition is.

    啊 終於全貼完了





    參考資料: 加拿大的我
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