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1)有關營養的句子 中翻英 希望有高手能幫翻><緊急!!

希望有會英語的 幫我以下翻精簡 英文

拜托了 禁止翻譯軟體!!!!!



甚至會不吃某一餐 (特別是不吃早餐或把早餐和午餐合並),


我選擇的這篇文章中 作者詳細的敘述了如何改變孩子們的飲食習慣以及環境如何幫助孩子走向良好的飲食習慣呢?

孩子的飲食其實很簡單。斷奶後,給他們端上不同的水果,讓他們選擇所喜愛的來吃。而對於他們的選擇,我們得完全尊重。另外,我們得認識到,就如同我們小時候一樣,孩子並不喜歡吃蔬菜!因此,別在蔬菜上耍花樣,千方百計的將蔬菜又加鹽、又加醬、又煎 、又炸的來誘使孩

子吞下。這只會造成孩子日後不良的飲食習慣而已。 孩子真正需要的是健康的食物。例如青菜及水果

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  • 5 年前

    Nutrition provide energy and nourishment for our body.

    Now many people neglect choosing importance of appropriate food,

    even don't eat certain meal (especially don't eat breakfast or combine breakfast with lunch),

    also don't realize that regularly mealing and ingesting nutrition have important

    influence for normal metabolism, blood circulation, steadying emotion and


    This article which I choose, the author detailedly describes how to change

    children's eating habits and how environment helps children get to good eating


    Children's diet is so easy. After ablactation, give different fruit to them, let them

    choose to eat they like. As for their choices, we have to absolutely respect.

    In addition, we need to realize it's like as our childhood, children don't like to eat

    vegetables! Therefore, don't make tricks on vegetables, for example, in a

    thousand way adding salt,sauce and frying to tempt kids to swallow.

    It just causes children's bad eating habits. Children really require is healthy food.

    Such as vegetables and fruit.

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    5 年前

    Nutrition is used for supplying energy and needed ingredients to our body. Most people ignore the importance of choosing the adequate foods. In addition, they don’t eat one meal (breakfast) of a day. Also they don’t know that eating regularly and taking nutrition are important for metabolism, blood circulation and mental activity.

    In this article the author describe how to change the children’s eating habit in detail. The children eat simple food. After stop feeding milk, they will be given different kind of fruits. They choose what they prefer. We should respect their choice. In addition, the children don’t want to eat vegetables just like what we were. Therefore, you can’t change their taste by putting salt, sauce or by frying or baking the food to lure them to eat more. Moreover, it will damage their health. They need healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.

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    the author describes-----

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