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英文提目求解 15點




complete the sentences with object pronouns.

1.There's john. the police officers are talking to ____.

2.There's a fire over there. Don't go near____!

3."Don't panic,Helen! I can save _____ !"

4.The children can't swim!Please rescue_____!

5.Are you OK,boys?Can I get _____ a drink?

6.We can't walk.Please take _______ to a safe place.

7.I'm over here! Please help _______.

8.She has serious injuries. They're putting _____ on a stretcher.



4.we/first aid/them/are/giving






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  • 5 年前


    1. Enjoy your meal.

    2. Don't eat that sandwich.

    3. Please serve the food quickly.

    4. Please don't drink my tea.(注意: 若please置於句尾,則在please之前加逗號。例如: Don't drink my tea, please.)

    5. Make a salad for lunch.

    6. Don't take food inside the store.

    complete the sentences with object pronouns.

    1. him

    2. it

    3. you

    4. them

    5. you

    6. us

    7. me

    8. her

    1. Can you save us?

    2. I can rescue them.

    3. Don't shout at her.

    4. We are giving them first aid.

    5. The paramedic is helping me. (paramedic: 護理人員)

    6. It is dangerous for him here.

    7. It was snowy last week.

    8. The clouds were very big.

    9. The storm was terrible. 或 There was a terrible storm.(因為題意不清,所以會有兩個答案。)

    10. It was hot in Dallas last week.

    11. It was rainy two hours ago.

    參考資料: 學了英文十年的我
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  • 5 年前

    Answers for 15 marks:-

    (1)Enjoy your meal.

    (2)Don't eat that sandwich.

    (3)Please serve the food quickly.

    (4)Don't drink my tea please.

    (5)Make a salad for lunch.

    (6)Don't take food inside the store.

    Case for Objective Pronouns are:-

    me, us, you, him, her, it, them.










    (1)Can you save us?

    (2)I can rescue them.

    (3)Don't shout at her.

    (4)We are giving them first aid.

    (5)The helping paramedic is me.

    (6)It is dangerous for him here.

    (7)Last week it was snowy.

    (8)The clouds were very big.

    (9)Terrible storm was (there).

    (10)Last week in Dallas it was hot.

    (11)It was rainy two hours ago.

    2015-04-20 07:29:08 補充:

    (5)paramedic is a person whose job is to help people who are sick or injured, but who is not a doctor or a nurse.

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