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小岩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前

has already thrown her hat ...

The K-M-T will start its presidential candidate nomination process today.

Deputy Legislative Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu has already thrown her hat in the


But K-M-T Chairman Eric Chu has said he will not be seeking the nomination.

Other K-M-T heavyweights considered possible candidates include Vice

President Wu Dun-yi and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-ping -- who has said he

will decide whether to seek the nomination before May 16-th.

The K-M-T has said the final candidate will be selected by a combination of

opinion polls and a vote by party members - that vote will be held in June


請問上面這段新聞裡面的...has already thrown her hat in the ring.



謝謝rjamesho 知識長,我懂了


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  • 5 年前


    throw/toss your hat in the ring (American & Australian)to do something that makes it clear you want to compete with other people, especially to compete for a political position She's seriously considering throwing her hat in the ring and declaring herself a candidate for the election.

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    19世紀初期,在美國拳擊賽場旁看打鬥的年輕人,若是自己想要進入場內一展身手,就把帽子丟進場內。可能是因為場外人聲沸騰,光靠嘴巴喊叫沒有用 -- 把帽子丟進場內,大家就知道你要加入戰局了:-)

    2015-04-20 22:35:00 補充:

    You need to get a hat. It's status. It's fashion. It's your ticket to get in a fight. Get a red hat, that'll show them you're serious about the fight, and will show no mercy.

    Get a big hat, so if you need to collect money, you are already ahead of the game.

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  • 5 年前

    What if I don't have a hat? Can I throw in my towel? Or may be a napkin?

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