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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


Q1 at the very least是什麼意思

Q2 That is an education in itself.So a police car become a

wah-wah because that's the noise it make,and a football player

becomes a scorer man because scoring is what he ____.

答案是 DOES 想問為什麼

Q3 Children who have learned just enough words and structure

to form basic sentences are a particular joy to listen to.That

is partly because they have no concept of patience.It is alien

to them.Instead,they have enthusiasm.They do not take their time

,trying carefully to explain what they say.Instead,they rush at

the sentences like a character in a Disney cartoon being chased

by a monster,their words all mixed up together until they run out of

breath and have to stop to gasp for air before they can rush

on to the next thought.Sometimes it _____;sometimes it doesn't.

可以幫我翻譯這段 還有解釋為什麼用 works嗎?

Q4The situation there were no batter than prisons.From ___,

poor boys whose parents were dead were sent out yo work while

still very young.The children were badly fed and clothed,and

they were treated _____ batter than slaves.

第一個空格用there 問為什麼?

第二個空格用little 那是什麼意思? 可以用least or more or less嗎?

Q5 Use motion sensors or day/night sensors for outside lights

so they are only on when needed.


Q6 The media messages most concerned with persuading us are

found in advertising and political campaigns.


Q7 However,no account is taken of the effects of inflation,recession

,pollution,crime,and various other ills to which Americans,

unlike people on primitive islands,are exposed.

幫我翻譯 然後to which這個要怎麼使用

Q8 Though the country has been accused of denying basic human rights to

people,there has been ____ serious challenge to Singapore's legal practices

due to various other measures exising in the country.

答案是 less 我寫much 為何?



Q8 我看不懂那整句

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  • 5 年前

    The complete analysis into the components of sentences with all credits due:-

    Q1:-at the very least=little, into the strengthening mood.

    Q2:-he does=he scores=all in present tense

    Q3:-present tense=works=to translate=

    Children rush at sentences.

    They rush at words+structure=basic sentence.

    They are enthusiastic.

    They rush on one thought.

    Then they rush on to the next thought.

    They rush along violently and rapidly,taken by sudden meaning.

    In rushing, they are eager demanding for meaning.

    Their demand for success or failure depends on the rushing.

    Q4:-there="the prison";little better than slaves=almost slaves.

    Q5:-switch on&off against strong daylight when in need or in use.

    Q6:-(most concerned with)=a phrase=with most concern for us are found in Advert&Politics.

    Q7:-to which=a defining clause=joining to mean the American will be facing the bad effect of......

    Now the meaning:-The old developed American must face the bad effect of infliation,pollution,crime,&illness.

    Q8:-no human rights;less human rights (where we can't use Much)=more good housing measures&schemes for people there !

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    一、TutorABC 馬上體驗

    二、English town 免費試聽


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  • 5 年前

    Q1. at the very least 一點, 絲毫 (用於加強語氣)

    Q2. 因為全部都是現在式 所以用DOES! (DOES 在這句子裡翻譯為 做,有行動的動作

    Q3. 其實不用翻譯就可以判斷了 也是因為整段句子都是現在式 第三人稱後面的動詞要加s 所以用 works

    Q4. 你的題目裡面的單字有錯誤 不是batter 是 better 所以整段句子應該是

    The situation there were no better than prisons.

    From there,poor boys whose parents were dead were sent out yo work while still

    very young.

    The children were badly fed and clothed,and

    they were treated little better than slaves.

    Q5. on 是用來強調的 強調它只在需要的時候會用到!

    Q6. most concerned with 是片語解釋為 最為關注的

    Q7. to which 有點像合併句子

    舉例: 原句The music was good. We listened to it last night.

    可以變成 The music to which we listened last night is good.

    Q8. 寫much的話 會和後面的句子產生矛盾


    參考資料: 自己
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