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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


Q9 It was aleways fixed just in time.In the 1820s it was replaced by a new

stone-arch bridge,which _____ was replaced in the 1960s in order to handle

more traffic.

A)by accident B)in turn C)lately D)nowdays 答案是B 我寫C 為何?

Q10 Fans of professional baseball and football argue continually over which

is America's favorite sport. 想要問那個Over 不要寫可以嗎?

Q11 The pet tricks are simple ones,but for the pooches performing them at the

ASCPA's charm school,they could be a trick to adoption.All are ______ problem

dogs,restrained at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals's

Manhattan shelter after being rescured or legally seized from abusive or neglectful

owners.One after another,the dogs bounded forth on Jan.17,tails wagging,and obeyed the

commands _____ they had never been kicked,starved,isolated,or,in the cases of Tuffy and

Negrita,confined in a four-room Bronx apartment with 27 other dogs and forced to ____

on a diet of popcorn.

1 A)oncoming B)future C)latter D)former 答案為D WHY?

2 A)for fear that B)whenever C)as if D)in case 答案是C 我寫A ??

3 A)surive B)eat C)restrict D)weigh 答案是A 我寫B ???

Q12 Your Augest 18 editorial about climate change was correct in describing the new and

unpreccdented wave of national security challenges we will face as a result of global warming

一although the repercussions of these changes are not ____ as one would think.

A) so close to B)as far off C)being the same D)regarding it 答案是B我寫C WHY?

另外問 那一撇 是什麼意思

Q13 for several fays,no one could die,causing chaos all over the world. 請問為什麼是用causing

Q14 About six million people across the United States are ..... 問across有什麼功用


Q1 argue 後面可以不要用over嗎 為什麼一定要有??

Q2 可以在解釋 former在那個句子的意思嗎? 意思是他們現在遵守命令嗎?

1 個解答

  • 5 年前

    What's missing words=omit, absent of ,lost or leaking water words?:-

    (9)B which in turn= change and become stone---steel

    (10)over=argue in discuss of what is in more credit (on baseball or football)

    (11)D=former means obey the command now =to be kicked,starved !

    -----C=as if the command to them

    -----A=to survive on a very little diet called popcorn as a diet.

    (12)B=as far off=very near in time(------hyphen means explanation; repercussion=bad, indirect effect.)

    (13)=only causing=gerund=producing an effect

    (14) across=from side to side of usa=adv and prep.usage.

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