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    In recent years, Taiwan whole service industry had prosperously grown up under the support of the government policy, and especially many local chain restaurants had developed a lot, some of them even had run their businesses internationally. Although the business was affected by the food security events, but the image of “Taiwan Delicacies” still possesses its global fame never really be destroyed. The service industry has become one of the main development powers of Taiwan.

    The research was done case by case, and focused on the operation and strategy modles of the headquarters of native chain restaurants which own multiple brands, processed by studying and collecting the related record documents, then tried to realize the current background of the chain industry. Additionally, we adopted SWOT Analysis, Service Innovation Mode Analysis and Ansoff Matrix Analysis to understand the pros and cons and the competition ability of the case industry, and we also tried to offer our improvement suggestions for short and long term operations to the industry, through compiling and analyzing the contents of visiting to assist them to reach the goal of sustainable operation of the industry at the same time.

    In the conclusion of this research, we found that the case industry obtained its successful pattern from cost controlling, design and decoration of shops and extension of product variety, but it lacked the efforts to service innovation, and the concept of multiple brands should be aiming to develop new markets and customers, but the industry obviously performed the concept of “product complementation” to the markets and customer resources at present instead, they took the advantage of the reorientation of their products to attract customers, for instance, the Wow Prime Group owns many brands, but just some are well known to the people, 續意見欄

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    which is not only the important discovery of the research, but also the result which shows that if the chain restaurants in Taiwan market don’t consider integrating local and transnational cultures to innovate , they would only enter the Red Ocean Market in the end.

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    請洼意本文第二段敍述方式是未來式, 似研究才將要執行, 第三段卻是過去式,研究似巳完成, 好像有奌矛盾,譯文則將內容一律改為過去式, 請看是否有問題?

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  • 5 年前

    去 Yahoo 拍賣找阿勇伯, 翻的又快又好, 收費又合理. 他是留美博士, 也發表過論文, 專門在幫人處理英文論文相關的東西, 很專業, 我也是朋友介紹的, 你去試試吧. Yahoo 拍賣關鍵字打 "論文翻譯" 或 "摘要翻譯" 就會出來了. 給你參考.

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