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66 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 66 ―

"There will be times when you will feel besieged on all four sides. It is on just those occasions that your words must be impeccable and rational." At the time, I was puzzled by what he meant. Later I came to realize that this had been a deeply thought-through and wise piece of advice. I stayed at the bride's pavilion for over fifty days. Not one day passed in which my parents did not instruct me on points of conduct.

"有時妳會感覺到四面楚歌. 就在那些場合, 妳的話必須完美, 合理, 無可挑剔." 當時我對他的話感到困惑. 後來我才意識到這是一個深思熟慮和明智的忠告. 我待在新娘館超過五十天. 我的父母每天都教導我行為的重點, 沒有一天虛度.

During this stay, ladies-in-waiting came frequently, bearing messages of greeting from the Three Majesties. They came first to me to bear greetings. Then they would ask for my mother and would convey messages from the Three Majesties to her. My mother always received them with gratitude and humility. Invariably, ladies-in-waiting were offered food and delicacies. Officials from the Board of Rites often came, too. Each was offered a tray of food and wine. My mother made certain that the food was ample and of high quality and that the wine was warm. This hospitality was remembered at court for a long time. People often recalled my family's generosity during my wedding.

在此停留期間, 宮女們常來, 帶來三殿親切問候的訊息. 她們先來問候我, 然後她們會求見我的母親, 並傳達三殿的問候給她. 我的母親總是以感激和謙卑領受. 宮女們總是提供食品及美味佳肴. 禮部官員也經常來. 每位都被提供了一盤食物和酒. 我的母親確認了食物充足質量高, 酒是溫暖的. 這種待客之道在宮廷中是長久被牢記的. 人們在我的婚禮期間, 常常回憶起我家人的慷慨.

In addition to Mother, who stayed at the bride's pavilion most of the time, Father's two sisters came. Aunt Sin also carne periodically. While I was at the bride's pavilion, Grandmother fell ill. Caught between the royal wedding and my grandmother's illness, my parents must have been extremely anxious.[*] Even if they had no other worry, the prospect of marrying me off would have made it a stressful period for them. However, as distressing as the illness must have been, my parents maintained their composure and concealed their anxiety, behaving cheerfully whenever they came to the


bride's pavilion. But Grandmother took a turn for worse and so had to be moved elsewhere. Concerned for his mother's comfort, Father carried her on his own back to and from the palanquin. Word of this spread and, upon hearing of this, the ladies-in-waiting

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at the pavilion were full of admiration. Everyone at the court praised Father's extraordinary filial devotion to his stepmother. With Heaven's help, Grandmother recovered. This was truly a blessing for the country. I must say that I had never been so nervous over anything before that.

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除了大部份時間都待在新娘館的母親之外, 父親的二位妹妹也來了. 我的嬸娘辛氏也定期來此. 當我在新娘館時, 祖母生病了. 夾在皇室婚禮和我祖母的病之間, 我的父母必定十分焦慮. 即使他們沒有其他的憂慮, 盼望將我嫁出去這事對他們而言也會是一個緊張的時期. 然而, 病情一定是令人痛心的, 我的父母保持冷靜並隱藏他們的焦慮, 每當他們來到新娘館時都表現得高高興興. 但祖母的情況更糟, 不得不搬往別處. 關心他母親的舒適, 父親揹著她進出自己的轎子. 這事被傳了開來, 聽到這, 館裡的宮女們充滿了欽佩. 在宮廷裡每個人都盛讚父親對他繼母一片非凡的孝心. 在上天的幫助下, 祖母復原了.

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這真是國家之福. 我必須說, 在那件事之前我從來也沒有因為任何事如此緊張過.

[*] If her grandmother had died, then her parents would have been obliged to go into mourning. Then they would have been unable to attend to the tasks required of them by the royal wedding

*如果她的祖母去世了, 她的父母不得不去悼念. 他們便無法致力於皇室婚禮需要他們的任務.

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    “有時妳會感覺到四面楚歌. 就在那些場合裡, 妳的話必須完美而且合理, 無可挑剔.” 當時我對他的話感到困惑. 後來我才意識到這是一個經深思熟慮和明智的忠告. 我待在新娘館閣裡超過五十天. 我的父母每天都教導我行為的重點, 沒有一天虛度例外。

    在此停留期間, 宮女們常來, 帶來三位殿下親切問候的訊息. 她們先會來問候我, 然後她們會求見我的母親, 並將傳達三位殿下的問候傳達給她. 我的母親總是以感激和謙卑領受。 宮女們總是提供得到食品及美味佳肴. 禮部官員也經常來. 每位也都被提供招待了一盤食物和酒. 我的母親確認了會先確定食物是否充足、質量高, 酒是否溫暖的? 這種殷勤的待客之道在宮廷中是長久被牢記的被記得好長一段時間,人們在我的婚禮期間, 常常回憶起我家人在我婚禮裡的慷慨作為。

    除了大部份時間都待在新娘館閣的母親之外, 父親的二位妹妹也來了. 我的嬸娘辛氏也定期來此. 當我在新娘館閣時, 祖母生病了. 身陷夾在皇室婚禮和我祖母的病之間, 我的父母必定十分焦慮. 即使他們沒有其他的憂慮, 盼望將我嫁出去的期盼這事對讓他們而言也會是經歷了一個段緊張的時期. 然而, 內心的痛䒷隨著病痛發生情一定是令人痛心的, 我的父母保持冷靜並隱藏他們的焦慮, 每當他們來到新娘館閣時,都表現得高高興興.對自己行為的表露都非常謹慎。

    但祖母的病情往況更糟的情況發展, 而不得不搬往別處. 關心顧慮到他母親的舒適, 父親揹著她進出自己的自座轎來回. 這事被傳了開來, 在閣裡的宮女們聽到了宮女們, 館裡的宮女們,內心都充滿了欽佩.

    在宮廷裡每個人都盛讚父親對他繼母一片非凡的孝心. 在上天的幫助保佑下, 祖母復原了. 這真是上天對國家的賜之福. 我必須說, 在那件事之前,我從來也沒有未因為任何事而如此緊張過.

    *如果她的祖母在那時去世了,而她的父母不得不去悼念了, 他們便無法致力於皇室婚禮需要他們去執行的任務.

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