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70 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


On the seventeenth, I was presented to the

― 70 ―

Royal Ancestral Temple.[*] His Majesty commended me, saying that, despite my youth, I had comported myself well through the seven-day ceremony; even with my head weighed down with ornaments, I had made no misstep. Lady Sonhui was obviously pleased with my performance and expressed her happiness with it. On receiving such love and praise, my feelings of gratitude deepened.

十七日, 我到了王室宗廟. 陛下贊揚我, 說, 儘管我年輕, 在這七天的儀式中我表現良好, 即使被我的頭飾壓彎了. 我沒有任何失誤. 宣懿王后顯然滿意我的表現, 並為此表示愉快. 受到這樣的讚美, 我的感激之情加深了.

The twenty-first was the birthday of His Highness the Crown Prince. Mother came to the palace to offer him her congratulations. Our delight at seeing each other was beyond description. Urged by Their Royal Highnesses, Mother stayed at court for a while before she left. I could hardly bear the sharp sense of dejection each time she left.

廿一日是世子的生日. 母親到皇宮向他祝賀. 我們彼此對視, 喜悅之情難以形容. 由於王室長輩們的強烈要求, 母親在宮裡停留了一陣子才離開. 每次她離開, 我幾乎無法忍受強烈的沮喪.

Father came to the palace twice monthly, on the first and the fifteenth, but I could see him only when His Majesty specifically permitted it. Even when he carne to my quarters, he seldom stayed for long. "The palace rules are strict. Outsiders are not supposed to stay very long," he would say, promptly taking leave. Still, he was always ready with advice. When he did come, he always visited the Crown Prince, counseling him to study. With great care and patience, Father sought to explain famous writings and well-known historical events in such a way as to be easily understood by a young child. In fact, he spent more time with the Prince than with me. The Prince responded remarkably well and his affection and respect for his father-in-law grew noticeably. One need not go into detail about my father's devotion to the Prince and the extent to which he treasured him.

父親每個月到皇宮兩次, 初一和十五, 但只有陛下特別允許, 我才能見到他. 甚至當他到我的住處, 他也很少久留. "宮中法則嚴格. 外人不應該長時間逗留," 他會這麼說, 迅速地離開. 儘管如此, 他總是準備好(對我的)建議. 當他來了, 總是會拜見世子, 輔導他學習. 以極大的關懷和耐心, 父親試圖解釋名言和著名的歷史事件,


以這種方式很容易讓一個年輕的孩子理解. 事實上比起陪伴我, 他對世子花了更多的時間. 世子的反應非常好, 他的感情和對岳父的尊重越來越明顯. 人們不需要檢視我父親對世子摯愛的細節, 以及他珍惜世子的程度.

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In the tenth month of kapcha (1744) Father passed a palace examination. "My father-inlaw passed the examination," the Prince exclaimed in delight. I was staying at a different house, but he came, all smiles, to share the 'happy news with me. He was so excited. Perhaps to his

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young mind, passing the examination seemed quite extraordinary, for no one in Queen Dowager Inwon's family had passed one, and Queen Chongsong's family had not produced even one noteworthy person. His mother's family did not even merit such discussion.

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甲子年(1744)十月, 父親通過殿試. "我岳父通過了殿試" 世子高興地歡呼起來. 我住在不同的房子裡, 但他來了, 滿臉笑容, 跟我分享了這個開心的消息. 他是如此的興奮. 也許在他幼小的心靈, 通過考試似乎相當不凡, 因為仁元大王大妃的家族中沒有人通過, 而貞聖王后的家族中甚至沒有過一個值得關注的人. 他母親的家族甚至不值得這樣的討論.

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[*] The ancestral shrine was where portraits were kept of King T'aejo, the founder of the dynasty, and King Sukchong, Yongjo's father. The ancestral temple, Chongmyo, was where Yi royal ancestors' tablets were kept. Matters considered to be of dynastic import

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were announced at this temple. Thus the Crown Prince's marriage was announced there, and his new wife was presented there.

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*宗殿是太祖(朝鮮王朝的創建者), 和肅宗(英祖的父親)肖像保存的地方. 宗廟是李氏王朝祖先牌位保存的地方. 被認定是王朝重要的事項會在這宗廟裡宣佈. 因此世子的婚姻在那裡宣佈而他的新妻子也在場.

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  • 5 年前

    ― 70 ―第十七日, 我到了被引見到王室宗廟. 陛下贊揚我, 說, 儘管我年輕, 在這七天的儀式中我表現良好, 即使被我的頭被頭飾壓彎低了. 我也沒有任何失誤. 宣懿王后顯然滿意我的表現, 並為此表示愉快. 受到這樣的愛與讚美, 我的感激之情加深了.

    第廿一日是世子的生日. 母親到皇宮向他祝賀. 我們彼此對視, 喜悅之情難以形容. 由於王室長輩親屬們的強烈要求力勸, 母親在宮裡停留了一陣子才離開. 每次她離開, 我幾乎無法忍承受那強烈的沮喪感. 父親每個月初一和十五到來皇宮兩次, 初一和十五, 但只有在陛下特別允許, 我才能見到他. 甚至當他到我的住處, 他也很少久留. "宮中法則規定嚴格. 外人不應該可長時間逗留," 他會這麼說, 然後迅速地離開. 儘管如此, 他總是準備好(對我的)建議. 當他來了時, 總是會拜見世子, 輔導他學習. 以極大的關懷和耐心輔導他學習, 父親試圖解釋名言和著名的歷史事件, 以這種方式很容易讓一個年輕的孩子很容易理解. 事實上, 比起陪伴我, 他對陪伴世子花了的時間比起陪伴我更還多的時間. 世子的反應非常好, 他對岳父的感情和對岳父的尊重越來越明顯. 顯著地增長,人們不需要檢視我父親對世子摯愛的細節付出以及他珍惜世子的程度是無庸置疑的。甲子年(1744)十月, 父親通過一項殿試. "我岳父通過了殿試" 世子高興地歡呼起來. 我住正待在不同的房子裡, 但他來了, 滿臉笑容地跟我分享了這個開心的消息. 他是如此的興奮. 也許在他幼小年輕的心靈裡, 通過考試似乎相當不凡, 因為仁元大王大妃的家族中沒有人通過任何一項, 而貞聖王后的家族中甚至沒有培養出過任何一個值得關注的人. 而他母親的家族甚至不值得這樣的討論一提。*宗殿是太祖(朝鮮王朝的創建者), 和肅宗(英祖的父親)肖像保存的地方. 宗廟是李氏王朝祖先牌位保存的地方. 被認定是王朝重要的事項會在這宗廟裡宣佈. 因此世子的婚姻在那裡宣佈而他的新婚妻子也在場.被引見於此。

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