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243 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


But our duties

― 243 ―

have hung just as heavily. Torn between grief and duty, we have always known that we could not confuse them and that we had to attend separately to the demands of each. And this is the point that I particularly wish my grandson, the King, to understand in detail.

但我們的責任才剛同樣沈重地扛起. 徘徊在責任和悲傷之間, 但我們一直都知道我們不能將它們混為一談, 我們不得不分開處理各自的需求. 而這點我特別希望我的孫子—皇上—能明白其中的細節.

To denounce His Late Majesty King Yongjo, insisting that Prince Sado was not ill, or to blame the ministers of state for the incident, will only distort the truth, failing to do justice to His Late Majesty, to Prince Sado, or to the late King. If one understands this basic principle, it is not too difficult to be just to all concerned.

讉責英祖先王殿下, 或堅持思悼世子沒病, 或將事件的責任歸咎於朝中大臣, 只會歪曲事實真相, 這對先王殿下, 思悼世子, 和先王都是不公正的. 假如有人瞭解這個基本原理, 對所有相關的人公平並不是太難的.

In the spring of imsul (1802) I made a draft of this record but could not prepare it for the King. Recently, prompted by Lady Kasun to finish it for him, I have forced myself to complete it. Now I am offering it to the King, my grandson, that he may read it. My heart and my blood are in this record. While I wrote it, the pain and terror returned. My heart grew heavy, my spirits fled in fright, and my innards felt as if punctured. For each character, a tear fell; because of these tears, characters could not be completed and because of these wasted characters, sheets of paper were spoiled. Can there be another such as me in this wide world? Ah! Grief and sorrow. The fourth month, ulch'uk year (1805).

壬戌年(1802)年春天, 我作出此記錄的草稿, 但無法為皇上準備它. 最近, 嘉順宮(正祖的後宮,綏嬪朴氏)提示為他完成, 我已強迫自己去完成它. 現在我提供它給國王—我的孫子—這樣他可以讀它了. 我的心和我的血都在這紀錄中. 當我寫它時, 痛苦和恐怖重新回來了. 我的心沈重起來, 我的精神驚恐逃離, 我的內臟彷彿被刺穿了. 每個字, 一滴淚落下, 因為這些眼淚, 書寫無法完成也因為這些浪費的文字, 大量的紙被糟蹋了. 在這廣濶的世上可能有像我一樣的人嗎? 啊! 悲痛和憂傷. 乙丑年(1805)四月.


After the death of Prince Hyojang in musin (1728), the dynasty was without an heir for some time. This was an endless source of anxiety to His Majesty King Yongjo. Thus, when Lady Sonhui bore him Prince Sado in the first month of the ulmyo year (1735), His Majesty, Her Highness Queen

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Dowager Inwon, and Her Highness Queen Chongsong were overjoyed. With the birth of the heir, the future of the throne was secured. The delight of the Three Majesties was beyond compare. The whole country rejoiced; every subject danced in delight.

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戊申年(1728)孝章世子去世之後, 有一段時間王朝沒有繼承人. 這對英祖皇上陛下來說, 是一個無盡焦慮的來源. 在因此當宣禧宮在乙卯年(1735)一月生下他-思悼王子, 陛下, 仁元大王大妃殿下, 貞聖王后殿下都欣喜若狂. 因為繼承人的誕生, 王位的未來是安全的. 三位殿下的喜悅是無法比擬的. 全國上下歡欣鼓舞. 每個國民高興得跳起舞來.

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From the moment of his birth, it was apparent that Prince Sado possessed extraordinary intelligence and remarkable beauty. The records kept at the palace describe many unusual things in his first hundred days. At four months, he walked; at six, he responded to his father's call; and at

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seven months, he pointed out the four directions. In his second year, the Prince had already learned to write about sixty characters. Once in his third year, the Prince was presented with some sweets and cookies. He ate only those decorated with characters for "longevity"

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and "fortune" and avoided those with hexagrams. When his attendant urged him to take those with hexagrams, the Prince is said to have answered,

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從他出生的那一刻起, 很明顯思悼王子擁有非凡的智慧和卓越的優點. 記錄保存在皇宮形容他在第一個百日之內許多不尋常的事. 四個月他會走了, 六個月他回應了父親的呼喚, 而在七個月時他指出了四個方位. 而在第二年, 王子已經學會寫六十個字. 第三年, 王子得到一些糖果和餅乾. 他只吃那些裝飾著漢字 "長壽" 和 "財富" 而避開那些八角形. 當他的隨從催促他去拿那些有八角形的餅乾, 據說王子這樣回答,

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[註] hexagrams 原意為六線形或六角星形, 但從 244頁的內容可知上文的意思為八角形.

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    ― 243 ―

    但我們的責任才剛同樣沈重地扛起. 徘徊在責任和悲傷之間的磨難, 但我們一直都知道我們不能將它們混為一談, 我們不得不必須分開處理兩者各自的需求. 而這點我特別尤其希望我的孫子—皇上—能明白其中的細節. 詳細地去了解,這才是重點。

    讉責英祖先王殿陛下, 或堅持思悼世子沒病, 或將為這事件的責任歸咎於去指控朝中大臣, 那只會歪曲事實真相, 這對先王殿陛下—思悼世子— 和或先王都是不公正的將有失公平正義。 假如有人能瞭解這個基本原理, 公平對待所有相關的人公平並不是會太難的.

    壬戌年(1802)年春天, 我作出此記紀錄的草稿, 但無法未能為皇上準備好它. 最近, 嘉順宮(正祖的後宮,綏嬪朴氏)提示為他皇上將紀錄完成, 我已即強迫自己去完成它這項工作,現在我正要將它提供它呈給國王—我的孫子—這樣如此,他就可以閱讀它了. 我的心和我的血都在這紀錄中. 當我寫它時, 痛苦和恐怖重新回來了再次襲來, 我的心越發沈重起來, 我的精神驚恐逃離, 我的內臟彷彿被刺穿了. 每寫一個字, 就落下一滴淚落下, 因為這些眼淚, 書寫無法完成, 也因為這些浪費毀壞的文字, 大量的好些紙張被糟蹋了. 在這廣濶的世上可能有像我一樣的人嗎? 啊! 悲痛和憂傷. 乙丑年(1805)四月.

    在戊申年(1728)孝章世子於戊申年(1728)去世之後, 有一段時間王朝沒有繼承人. 這對英祖皇上陛下來說, 這是一個無盡焦慮的無盡來源. 在因此當宣禧宮在乙卯年(1735)一月生下他-思悼王子, 陛下, 仁元大王大妃殿下, 貞聖王后殿下都欣喜若狂. 因為繼承人的誕生, 王位的未來是就安全的了. 三位殿陛下的喜悅是無法比擬的. 全國上下歡欣鼓舞. 每個國民高興得跳起舞來.

    從他出生的那一刻起, 很明顯地, 思悼王子擁有非凡的智慧和卓越的優點容貌, 這些記錄保存在皇宮裡, 形容在他在出生的第一個百日之內裡許多不尋常的事. 四個月時他會走了, 六個月時他回應了父親的呼喚(原文裡並沒有”六個月”這項) 而在七個月時他指出了四個方位. 而在他的第二年, 王子已經學會寫六十個字. 第三年有一次, 王子得到贈一些糖果和餅乾. 他只吃那些裝飾著漢字 "長壽" 和 "財富" 而避開那些八角形. 當他的隨從侍者催促他去拿那些有八角形的餅乾, 據說王子這樣回答,

    [註] hexagrams 原意為六線形或六角星形, 但從 244頁的內容可知上文的意思為八角形

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    我下載下來的原文並沒有at six.....這句,不過您確定有,就没問題。



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    而英文原文也是寫Three Majesties , Majesty是"陛下〃的意思, 並非殿下.