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請幫忙聽 減肥歌 的歌詞 20點! 謝謝

NEW! Christian Weight Loss Song (Funny song/video with a message!)

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  • 5 年前


    If you jiggle in the middle and no longer see your toes.

    If your scale just needs adjusting or the dryer shrunk your clothes.

    If your underwear's gone up a size and DQ is your friend. (DQ是美國一家速食店名字DairyQueen)

    If you're into second helping cause you love to eat again.

    If you're hoarding like a hamster and you have a secret stash.

    It might be time to make a change and save a little cash.

    If you can pinch an inch but you're convinced it's water weight you've gained.

    If your frequent fast food drive-through and the cashier knows your name.

    If you've taken on the shape of fruit an apple or a pear.

    If you're into slimming wardrobe black is all you wear.

    If your pants don't zip it just don't fit they're bulging at the seams.

    If you fall asleep at night with donuts dancing in your dreams.

    If you ask if your bum looks big and the answer's always no.

    You're living in denial, those pounds have got to go.

    I'm here to give some sage advice from a girl who's in the know.

    If you're tired of being overweight here's now to gain control.

    Take your vitamins, get some exercise, make healthy choices,

    No more negative voices, if you're feeling sad discouraged, depressed, and things are out of control.

    Don't turn to food. Turn to God.

    That old devil will make you doubt yourself to take your eyes off Jesus.

    If you give in to temptation, he'll do whatever he pleases, your body is god's temple, a house you can protect. the solution's really simple just treat him with respect.



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