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The usage of "any"and....


Any book will do.

There're not any cakes left.

Do you have any sisters?

I speak hardly any French. cream 不是不可數嗎?但原文書裡的小男孩卻說:

"May I have a ice cream?"




Are you feeling hungry?


如果直接用Do you feel hungry?會和用進行式的意思不一樣嗎?

4.Peace to others.

請問peace 在這句子是名詞嗎?




"May I have an ice cream?"

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    1. any:限定词 (用于疑问句或条件从句)若干,一点,什么,任何一个(或一些) You use any in questions and conditional clauses to ask whether there is some of a particular thing or some of a particular group of people, or to suggest that there might be. 【搭配模式】:DET pl-n/n-uncount

    這裡的 any 是形容詞,所以可以修飾可數或不可數名詞。

    2.一客冰激凌;一份冰激凌 An ice cream is an amount of ice cream sold in a small container or a cone made of thin biscuit.

    "May I have a ice cream?" 應該說: May I have an ice cream? (強調一份,如上面的解釋)

    只要一根冰棒要怎麼說才好?I just want a popsicle.

    3.Feel can be used with a personal subject (I, you etc.) to talk about feelings that are going on at a particular moment. Both simple and progressive forms are possible. There is little difference of meaning.I feel fine. (= I am feeling fine.) (兩者意義上沒有太大的差異)Do you feel happy? (= Are you feeling happy?) ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘Not too bad, but I still have a slight headache.’ Feel can be used, usually with a non-personal subject, to mean give somebody sensations. Progressive forms are not used.( 用在主詞不是指人的時候,意思是給人的感覺, 通常不用進行式)A baby’s hand feels smooth. (NOT --- is feeling smooth.) That feels nice. (NOT --- is feeling nice.)Any book will do.4.是名詞。


    和睦;和谐 If there is peace among a group of people, they live or work together in a friendly way and do not quarrel. You can also say that people live or work in peace with