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77 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


Early every morning, he washed,

― 77 ―

then immediately turned to his books. He played with them and read them. In every way, he was unusually mature, and I had no difficulty in raising him. In retrospect I realize that this was truly exceptional. At the time, however, I was concerned that he might not be so bright and scolded him harshly as though he were much older. This was because I was a young mother.

每天早上他早早漱洗後立刻翻開他的書. 他把玩它們和閱讀它們. 在各方面, 他非常地成熟. 而我養育他也毫無困難. 回想起來我意識到這是真正地特別. 然而, 當時我擔心他可能不是那麼開朗, 嚴厲地叱責他彷佛他是年長得多. 這是因為我是個年輕的母親.

Then I had two daughters, Ch'ongyon, born in the kapsul year (1754), and Ch'ongson, born in pyongja (1756).


然後我有了兩個女兒, 清衍生於甲戌年(1754), 及清璿, 生於丙子(1756).

With his exceptional talent and superior scholarship, Prince Sado would surely have achieved greatness. Of its own accord, however, illness seeped into his remarkable nature and, between imsin and kyeyu (1752-1753), began to manifest itself in strange symptoms. Who can even imagine the depth of my anguish and my parents' nervousness. During her visit to the palace, Mother noticed certain symptoms of his illness and became exceedingly worried. That she missed me became a matter of insignificance now; the Prince's illness emerged as a matter of utmost concern. In deep anxiety, Mother took to praying. There was no length to which she would not go in her devotion and prayers.

Concerned that the Prince's illness might worsen, she was unable to sleep at night. She gazed toward the palace, her thoughts lost deep in despondency. She was frequently seized by the desire to die so that she would not know of it. All this because of her unfilial daughter. Indeed, what worse filial failing is there than to cause such worry to one's parents?

以他卓越的才華和優秀的學識, 思悼世子無疑地成名了. 然而, 疾病滲入他非凡的本質, 並在壬申和癸酉(1752-1753)之間, 它自動開始顯露出奇怪的症狀. 誰能實際上想像我苦惱的深度和父母的焦躁. 在她到皇宮作客的期間, 母親注意到他的疾病明確的症狀, 開始變成極度地擔心. 現在她惦記我變成無足輕重的問題; 王子的病成為最令人關注的問題. 深感憂慮下, 母親關始祈禱了. 在她的虔誠和祈禱之下沒有任何距離是她不去的.

擔心王子的病情可能惡化, 她晚上無法入睡. 她朝皇宮凝視, 思想深陷入沮喪. 她經常被想死的渴望支配, 這樣她就不會知道這件事.


這一切都因為她不孝的女兒. 的確, 還有什麼比引起某人的父母如此擔心的孝道缺點更糟糕的事?

Prince Sado was always very respectful of my mother. This was not the attitude one might expect a Crown Prince to take toward a mother-in-law who was, after all, only the wife of a scholar. Though she did not dare approach him as a son-in-law, one

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need not elaborate upon Mother's devotion to him. Even when the Prince was terribly angry, if Mother happened to be at the palace, she would speak to the Prince thus, "Things do not work that way," and he would immediately lose his anger.

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During Ch'ongyon's birth in kapsul (1754), the delivery was expected in the sixth month but the baby arrived almost a month later. Thus Mother remained at the palace for over fifty days, and the Prince spent a great deal of time in close quarters with her. During this period there were

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many occasions on which she calmed him down.

思悼世子總是很尊敬我的母親. 這不是任何人可以期望世子對岳母採取的態度, 畢竟她只是一個學者的妻子. 儘管她不敢當他是女婿來接近他, 任何人不需詳述母親對他的奉獻. 甚至當王子非常生氣, 如果母親碰巧在皇宮裡, 則她會對王子說 "事情那樣是沒用的", 而他會立刻丟掉他的憤怒. 在甲戌(1754)年清衍出生期間, 預計在六月分娩, 但孩子晚了幾乎一個月才出生. 因此母親在皇宮停留超過五十天, 而王子也花了大量時間與她接近. 在這期間有很多次她使他平靜下來.

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Mother passed away in the eighth month of that urhae year (1755). It may be that no one is spared the sorrow of losing one's

乙亥年(1755)八月母親過世了. 也許沒有人能倖免失去母親的悲傷.

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    ― 77 ―每天一大清早上他早早漱洗後,立刻翻開投入他的書. 他把玩它們遊戲於其中和並閱讀它們. 在各方面, 他非常比尋常地的成熟. 而我養育他也毫無困難. 回想起來我意識到這是真正地特別. 然而, 當時我擔心他可能不是那麼開朗聰明, 而嚴厲地叱責他, 彷佛他是年長得多較年長的孩子,這是因為我是個年輕的母親.

    PS.他非比尋常的成熟、 嚴厲地叱責他 到底應使用”的”或”地”?依我的認知,相當於英文的動詞副詞地位者,‘用”地”,而相當於”形容詞副詞”情況者,使用”的”。 然後我有了兩個女兒, 清衍生於甲戌年(1754), 及清璿, 生於丙子(1756).

    以他思悼世子卓越的才華和優秀的學識, 不用說, 思悼世子無疑地成名了.應肯定可達到他的人生高峰, 然而, 疾病滲入他非凡的本質, 並在壬申和癸酉(1752-1753)之間, 它自動開始顯露出奇怪的症狀. 有誰能實際上地想像我苦惱的痛苦的深度和我父母的焦躁程度. 在她到皇宮作客的期間, 母親注意到他的疾病明確的症狀, 開始變成極度地擔心. 現在她惦記對我的惦記變成無足輕重的問題; 王世子的病則成為最令人關注的問題. 在深感憂慮下, 母親開始祈禱了. 在她的虔誠和祈禱之下沒有任何距離是她不去的無所不深入或不及。

    PS. 王子或世子?如在一篇文章裡依英文原文的全銜(Crown Prince)及簡略(Prince)寫法,而讓中譯文對同一人,時而稱”世子”,時而稱”王子”,是不佳的,畢竟文中還有一位皇上的孫子,在文中被稱為”young prince”年輕的王子,此王子非彼王子,讓讀者搞不清楚,建議將”思悼世子”一律稱為”世子”,而不管英文用全稱或簡稱。

    因擔心王子的病情可能惡化, 她晚上無法入睡. 她朝皇宮凝視, 思想迷失在深度的深陷入沮喪裡. 她經常被想死的渴望支配, 這樣她就不會知道再煩惱這件事. 這一切都因為她—不孝的女兒. 的確, 還有什麼比不孝引起某人的父母如此擔心的孝道缺點事更糟糕的事?

    思悼世子總是很尊敬我的母親. 這不是任何人可以期望一位世子對岳母採取的態度, 畢竟她只是一個學者的妻子. 儘管她不敢當因他是女婿來而接近他, 任何人不需詳述母親對他的奉獻是無不用說的, 甚至當王子非常生氣爆怒時, 如果母親碰巧在皇宮裡, 則她會對王子說 "事情那樣對事情是沒用的", 而然後他會立刻丟掉他的憤怒會立即消失.

    在甲戌(1754)年清衍出生的期間, 原預計在六月分娩, 但孩子晚了幾乎一個月才出生. 因此母親在皇宮停留超過五十天, 而王世子也則花了大量時間在附近的住所與陪伴她接近. 在這期間的有很多次場合裡, 她使他平靜下來.

    乙亥年(1755)八月母親過世了. 也許沒有人能倖免除失去母親的悲傷.

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