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英文問題Dye-out game 是什麼意思

Dye-out game 是什麼意思

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  • 5 年前

    我也是查了網路才知道台灣的英文用 dye-out game (漆彈生存遊戲)來當考

    題,但是前題是...您需要了解英文裡漆彈生存遊戲是 paint ball 而不是

    dye-out game.

    為什麼考題這樣出呢? 有原因的...




    Gisele: My dad’s taking me to play the Dye-Out game this Saturday. He asked if you would like to come.

    Opal: 1.

    Gisele: It’s a popular game these days. The game is played by two teams and can be played inside or outside. You win the game by taking the other team’s castle or “killing” all the players on the other team.

    Opal: 2?

    Gisele: You use balls filled with oil paint to attack the players on the other team. Their clothes will be covered with paint when they are hit by the balls. This way, they are “killed” and have to leave the playground.

    Opal: Sounds exciting.

    Gisele: It is, but 3. For example, you have to buy the clothes, the balls, the masks, and many other things. Also, it can be dangerous sometimes.

    Opal: Well, then I have to ask my parents first.


    (A) But I’ve never heard of it before

    (B) But I’m not good at it

    (C) Your dad has already invited me

    (D) I’d love to join you this Saturday2.


    (A) How do you take the castle

    (B) How do you know where the players are hiding

    (C) What do you mean by “killing” a player

    (D) What do you do after you “kill” a player


    (A) it hurts when you get hit

    (B) your clothes will get dirty with the paint

    (C) it’s an expensive hobby

    (D) you need a big space for the game

    這三題的答案是題外話 但是對於 dye-out game 這種題目是活的

    每個答案的文法都正確 卻是看你對兩人對話的邏輯性考驗.

    剛剛已經說或 dye-out game 在真正英文不是漆彈生存遊戲,

    但是當考題這樣子考,自然就是讓考生去自己了解 Gisele 究竟是要說的是什麼. 而在日常生活中不就正是如此嗎? 如果您沒有仔細看全部的考題,而還在針對什麼是 dye-out game 或許您的還沒了解考題的意義吧. 您同意嗎?

    *・ஐﻬღ 冰封玫瑰 ღﻬஐ・*

    2015-06-07 10:44:52 補充:

    抱歉, paintball 是一個字, 不是兩個.

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  • 5 年前




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