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1.過去相關的研究缺乏規則分析, 我們特別針對零售產業的關鍵因子探討, 來驗證機制的效能.

2. 凡是符合因子權重變更會導致決策改變的情況, 完全遵循表一的條件假設,證明的部份則參考定理 2.

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  • 6 年前

    The translation from C/E:-

    (1)Analysis of research has related to the lack of rules and regulations in the past. Our key factor in research for the "retail industry discussion" is to verify the effectiveness of the mechanism system.

    (2)Meeting the criteria right of change can cause the change in decision-making situation.The full compliance are with conditional clause One. The proven part are in accordance with and may be referable to theorem Two.

  • 阿蔡
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    6 年前

    1. Studies done in the past lacked standardized analyses. Thus, we are focusing on primary factors of the retail industry while validating the effectiveness of this mechanism.2. If the weight of a factor could lead to significant modifications in strategic decisions, premises are assumed according to Table 1, and proof can be derived in reference to Theorem 2.

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