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87 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


She was so far beyond

― 87 ―

consolation that I was forced to restrain my sorrow to comfort her. I entreated, "For the sake of the Grand Heir, please do not desert yourself." After the funeral, Her Ladyship left for her residence, and I felt even more alone and abandoned. I really did not have the heart to continue living, but I had decided to live to protect my son. I prayed that he succeed in his scholarship and attain goodness.

到目前為止她無法得到慰藉, 因此我必須抑制我的悲痛去安慰她. 我懇求, "為了世孫的緣故, 請不要懲罰您自己." 葬禮之後, 夫人離開去了她的住所. 我感到更加孤獨和失落. 我真的不忍心再繼續活下去, 但我已決定活著以保護我的兒子. 我祈禱他在學術研究和獲得真諦的成功.

It was not until the eighth month that I had an audience with His Majesty. Understandably, I was seized by deeply grievous thoughts but dared not express my sadness. I just said, "That mother and son are preserved is due entirely to Your Majesty's sagacious grace." His Majesty took my hand and wept. He said, "Not thinking that you would be like this, I was troubled by the thought of facing you. It is beautiful of you to put me at ease." Upon hearing his words, my heart fell and I felt a great weight on my chest. The severity of my life grew suddenly vivid to me. I said to him, "This person humbly wishes that Your Majesty would take the Grand Heir to Kyonghui Palace to instruct him." He asked, "Do you think you could bear to part with him?" I answered in tears, "It is a small matter that I would miss him, but it is a matter of great importance that he be properly instructed by being near Your Majesty."

直到八月, 我才得以覲見陛下. 可以理解的是, 我被深深地悲痛的思維所支配, 但不敢表達我的悲傷. 我只是說, "母親和兒子得以被保存完全是由於陛下您睿智的的恩典." 陛下握著我的手流下淚. 他說, "沒想到妳會這樣, 我被面對妳的思維所苦. 妳讓我輕鬆自在這真是太好了." 聽到他這番話, 我的心往下一沈並感到一股巨大的重量壓在我的胸口. 我人生的艱難鮮明的對著我突然地增大起

來. 我對他說, "此人謙遜地希望陛下能將世孫帶到慶熙宮去指導他." 他問, "妳認為妳可以忍受跟他分別嗎?" 我含淚回答, "我會想念他是一件小事, 但接近陛下讓他接受嚴格地指導, 才是一件非常重要的事."

Thus I sent the Grand Heir to the upper palace. However, the parting of mother and son was indescribable. The Grand Heir was unable to tear himself from me. He finally left, soaked in tears. I felt as though my heart


was being driven through by a knife, but I endured it.

因此我將世孫送到上級的宮殿. 然而母子的分離是無法形容的. 世孫無法令他自己與我分開. 他終於離開了, 被淚水濕透. 我的心如刀割, 但我忍住了.

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As days passed, the kindness of his sagacious grace increased and His Majesty loved the Grand Heir more deeply. Lady Sonhui transferred to her grandson all of her love for her son. Her saddened heart was now completely devoted to the Grand Heir. Staying in his room, she took care of the

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minute details of his daily needs including his meals. The Grand Heir was very diligent. He woke up early before daybreak and left for his study hall to read. When the Grand Heir arose, this woman of seventy also arose and looked after his breakfast in person. The Grand Heir was in the habit of

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not eating very early, but I heard that, in consideration of his old grandmother's devotion, he forced himself to eat.

隨著日子一天天過去, 陛下睿智恩典的慈愛和他愛世孫與日俱增. 宣禧宮將對兒子所有的愛轉移到她的孫子身上. 她悲傷的心現在完全奉獻給世孫. 待在他的房裡, 她照料了他所有日常所需的最微小細節, 包括他的膳食. 世孫非常地勤勉. 他在破曉前早早就醒了, 並動身到他的自修室去研讀. 當世孫起床, 這個年近七旬的女人也起床了, 並且親自照料了他的早餐. 世孫

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的習慣是不會很早吃, 但我聽說, 考慮到他的老祖母的摯愛, 他強迫自己吃了.

The Grand Heir had been fond of books since he was four or five years old, and he routinely arose before dawn, washed himself,

世孫從他四或五歲以來就一直喜歡書, 而且他很規律地黎明前起床, 潄洗他自己,

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不知道 upper palace 要如何翻譯, 後面還有 lower palace. 當時的惠慶宮洪氏可能是住在昌德宮或昌慶宮(她在昌慶宮逝世), 跟慶熙宮的確是有些距離. 雖然都在首爾市. 以現代的角度來看, 搭捷運也要經過轉運. 下車可能還有一段距離.

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  • 5 年前

    ― 87 ―

    到目前為止她無法得到慰藉, 因此我必須勉強抑制我的悲痛去安慰她. 我懇求, "為了看在世孫的緣故份上, 請不要懲罰您自己." 葬禮之後, 夫人離開去了她的住所. 我感到更加孤獨和失落. 我真的不忍心想再繼續活下去, 但我已決定活著以保護我的兒子. 我祈禱他在學術研究上得到成功和並獲得真諦的成功美德修養.

    直到八月, 我才得以覲見陛下. 可以理解的是, 我被深深地悲痛的思維所支配, 但不敢表達我的悲傷. 我只是說, "我們母親和兒子得以被保存受到保護而存活下來, 完全是由於因為陛下您睿智的的恩典." 陛下握著我的手流下淚. 他說, "沒想到妳會這樣, 我被面對妳的思維所苦. 妳讓我得以輕鬆自在安心下來, 這真是太美好了."

    聽到他這番話, 我的心往下一沈並感到一股巨大的重量壓在我的胸口. 在我人生增長中的艱難, 突然鮮明的對著我突然地增大鮮明了起來. 我對他說, "此本人謙遜地希望陛下能將世孫帶到慶熙宮去指導他." 他問, "妳認為妳可以忍受跟他分別嗎?" 我含淚回答, "我會想念他是一件小事, 但接近陛下讓他接受嚴格地適當的指導, 才是一件非常重要的事."

    因此我將世孫送到上級的宮殿. 然而母子的分離是無法形容的. 世孫無法令他自己與我分開. 最後他終於被淚水濕透地離開了, 被淚水濕透. 我的心如刀割, 但我忍住了.

    隨著日子一天天過去, 陛下睿智恩典的慈愛和他愛對世孫的愛與日俱增. 宣禧宮將對兒子所有的愛轉移到她的孫子身上. 她悲傷的心現在完全奉獻給放在世孫的身上. 待在他的房裡, 她照料了他所有日常所需的最微小細節, 包括他的膳食. 世孫非常地勤勉. 他在破曉前早早就醒了, 並動身到他的自修研讀室去研讀. 當世孫起床, 這個年近七旬的女人也起床了, 並且親自照料了他的早餐. 世孫的習慣是不會很太早吃早餐, 但我聽說, 考顧慮到他的老祖母的摯愛, 他強迫自己吃了.

    世孫從他四或五歲以來就一直喜歡書, 而且他很規律地黎明前起床, 潄洗他自己, 不知道 upper palace 要如何翻譯, 後面還有 lower palace. 當時的惠慶宮洪氏可能是住在昌德宮或昌慶宮(她在昌慶宮逝世), 跟慶熙宮的確是有些距離. 雖然都在首爾市. 以現代的角度來看, 搭捷運也要經過轉運. 下車可能還有一段距離.

    經查並沒有專有名詞是upper palace 及lower palace,有的解釋都在說宮殿所在地勢的高低,位高地者是upper palace, 也有解釋說在現代的城市裡,成為地標的宮殿稱為upper palace. 但這些解釋都與本故事內容要說的不符,可得到唯一正確的解釋是 upper 做為”上級的”解釋,也就是在位階上較高的palace 為upper palace, 在本故事裡應是皇上所居住的宮殿。

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