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apartment for rent in taipei

in xin yi district

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  • chen
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    5 年前

    Apartment for rent in Taipei at Xin Yi district

    Wow it's fascinating, this wonderful district includes

    the famous restaurants, shopping malls and bookstores

    as well as Taipei 101 near by. By way of example, I express great interests in such a place,

    and set my own idea as the follows. 1, If I had enough ability , I would rent it, with my family.2, If I were to make much money anytime , anyway easily,

    I should be able to accept it for rent.3, If only, the house- owner, he can say its renting-free for

    anyone like me, I like so much.5, It looks as if its apartment about high expenses in Xin-Yi

    that I can't afford it any more,

    that's because one of my respected friends, Jim saying

    “ we both are now the meager incomedown the level… .哇,好棒喔,迷人的地區有 著名的餐館、 商場和書店以及 附近的臺北 101。比方說,有興趣 腳落該區,並有構想安排 那就想如下。 1,要是 我有足夠的能力,我與家人可租屋同住。2,如果 我容易隨時隨地錢賺飽飽地,租下何妨呢。3,但願 房主肯說 租金全免 任何像我這樣的人 都會喜上眉梢。5 看來 在信義區之公寓,高費用真的使我無能為力 猶如我尊敬朋友之一 ,Jim說 “ 當下我倆 低水準微薄收入…. 。

    2015-06-17 20:48:09 補充:

    the meager income down the level…

    2015-06-17 21:00:24 補充:

    that's because of the one of my respected friends, Jim saying

  • 5 年前

    Jim dude must be very frugal? You can sub-lease to 10x other ladies and make money out of it.

    2015-06-17 00:03:35 補充:

    Just talked to her and she OKed it.

  • 5 年前

    Sorry, my meager income cannot afford me to live in that district.

    2015-06-16 09:45:08 補充:

    Prizzy: Should I give you my wife's contact so you can convince her to let me deal with those ladies?