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95 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


Then, when Kim Han'gi[**] suggested to Hugyom

― 95 ―

that, in accordance with their plan to annihilate the Hong family, they proceed with the accusations against my father, Hugyom balked. It is difficult to say what would have happened if Hugyom had still borne the enmity he had felt toward us. Perhaps because of his new friendship with my brother, he stalled in his joint scheme with Han'gi. Hugyom's mother had gone to see her son and must have spoken sympathetically about us to His Majesty. The threat of imminent calamity was lifted. Greatly relieved, we called her our benefactress.

然後, 當金漢耆建議厚謙, 按照他們毀滅洪氏家族的計劃, 他們繼續進行對我父親的指控, 厚謙突然止步不前. 如果厚謙仍然懷有他感覺到的對我們的敵意, 很難說會發生什麼事. 也許是因爲他和我弟弟的新友誼, 他停止了他和漢耆的聯合陰謀. 厚謙的母親去看了她的兒子而且必定跟陛下悲憐地說了關於我們的事. 迫在眉睫的災難的威脅被解除了. 大大地鬆了一口氣, 我們稱她爲我們的恩人.

The basis upon which Kwiju and his uncle slandered my father was this. After Unon and Unsin were born,[*] His Majesty was worried that they might grow up to sow trouble. Out of concern for the future, Father said to His Majesty, "They are young and have committed no crime. It would be better if we gave them the benefit of the doubt rather than anticipate the worst. Your humble servant is closely related to the Grand Heir, and so no one would suspect him of ulterior motives if he were to befriend these princes. It might be wise for Your Majesty to bestow grace upon them, and for your servant to treat them with kindness so as not to invite trouble."

龜柱和他的叔叔造謠中傷我父親是基於這點. 恩彦和恩信出生後, 陛下擔心他們長大後可能會惹麻煩. 出於對未來的擔憂, 父親對陛下說: "他們年輕, 也沒犯過罪, 如果我們對他們能往好的方面想, 總比預期最壞的情況要好得多. 您卑微的僕人與世孫關係密切, 所以他要是去和這些王子們交朋友, 沒有人會懷疑他別有用心. 陛下降恩典給他們, 為您的僕人親切對待他們, 不要招惹麻煩, 這可能是比較明智的作法."


Father's intentions were modest. He wished to ensure that these unfortunate children of my late husband not fall in with a worthless crowd. They were, after all, my husband's flesh and blood, and my father felt duty-bound to protect them. It was because of his loyalty to the nation that he

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concerned himself with them. But their nature was not good. They did not abide by his guidance. Then they were sent out to their own residence rather early.[**] They often behaved improperly, but they disliked instruction. Father thought it unfortunate and fretted over them.

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The entire family grew concerned with possible repercussions. But these children were lonely and unprotected and Father made allowances for them, hoping that they would not become entangled in difficulties.

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父親的目的是審慎的. 他希望確保我已故丈夫的不幸的孩子們不會碰上這群毫無價值的人. 畢竟他們是我丈夫的骨肉, 我父親覺得有義務去保護他們. 這是因爲他對國家的忠誠, 他關心他們. 但他們的本性是不好的. 他們沒有遵守他的指導. 然後他們相當早就被送到自己的住處. 他們常常舉止不當, 但他們不喜歡指導. 父親認為這令人遺憾也為他們苦惱. 整個家族漸漸關心可能產生的影響. 但是這些孩子是孤獨和不受保護的, 父親體諒他們, 希望他們不會陷入困境.

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Then, in the pyongsul year (1766), Father had to wear mourning garb. He returned to the State Council in kich'uk (1769), but he served only one year before he retired in kyongin (1770).[21] He simply had no time to instruct these children. As intrigues and

然後, 在丙戌(1766)年, 父親必須穿喪服. 他於己丑(1769)年

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回到議政府, 但在他於丙寅(1770)年退休之前他僅任職一年. 他根本沒有時間教這些孩子.


[*] They were born in 1754 and 1755, respectively.

*他們分別出生於 1754和1755年.

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[**] As a rule, a royal prince was sent out of the palace to his own residence in his eighteenth year. Princes Unon and Unsin must have been sent out somewhat earlier than the norm.

**做為一項規則, 王室的王子在他十八歲那年會被送出宮殿去到他自己的住所. 恩彥和恩信被送出去必定是比規範還早一些.

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[21] Hong Ponghan was appointed Prime Minister in the eleventh month of 1768. He served about fourteen months.

[註21] 洪鳳漢於1768年11月被指派為領議政. 他大約任職14個月.

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    ― 95 ―

    然後, 當金漢耆建議厚謙按依照他們毀滅洪氏家族的計劃執行, 他們繼續進行對我父親的指控, 厚謙突然止步不前. 如果厚謙仍然懷有他感覺到的對我們的敵意, 很難說會發生什麼事. 也許是因爲他和我弟弟的新友誼, 他停止了他和漢耆的聯合陰謀計畫. 厚謙的母親去看了她的兒子而且必定悲憐地跟陛下悲憐地說了關於我們的事. 迫在眉睫的災難的威脅被解除了. 大大地鬆了一口氣, 我們稱她爲我們的恩人.

    龜柱和他的叔叔造謠中傷我父親是基於這點. 恩彦和恩信出生後, 陛下擔心他們長大後可能會惹麻煩. 出於對未來的擔憂, 父親對陛下說:"他們年輕, 也沒犯過罪做過任何蒙羞的事, 如果我們對他們能往好的方面想, 總比預期最壞的情況要好得多. 您卑微的僕人與世孫關係密切, 所以他要是去和這些王子們交朋友, 沒有人會懷疑他別有用心. 陛下降恩典給他們, 為讓您的僕人去親切對待他們, 不要以免招惹麻煩, 這可能是比較明智的作法."

    父親的目的意圖是審慎的. 他希望確保我已故丈先夫的不幸的孩子們不會碰上這群毫無價值的人群. 畢竟他們是我丈夫的骨肉, 我父親覺得有義務去保護他們. 這他關心他們是因爲他對國家的忠誠, 他關心他們. 但他們的本性是不好的. 他們沒有遵守他的指導. 然後他們相當早就被送到他們自己的住處. 他們常常舉止不當, 但他們不喜歡指導. 父親認為這令人遺憾也而為他們苦惱. 整個家族漸漸越來越關心可能產生的影響. 但是這些孩子是孤獨和不未受保護的, 父親體諒他們,希望他們不會陷入困境.

    然後, 在丙戌(1766)年, 父親必須穿喪服. 他於己丑(1769)年回到議政府, 但在他於丙寅(1770)年退休之前他僅任職一年. 他根本沒有時間教這些孩子.


    *他們分別出生於 1754和1755年.

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