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急件:Heidemarie Schwermer 英翻中

Can you imagine anyonechoosing to live without money in our consumer society? Well, that’s exactly what HeidemarieSchwermer has been doing since 1996 when she quit her job as a psychotherapistand gave away all her possessions. This69-year-old mother of two and grandmother of three has chosen to live a simplelife without the pressure to buy and own. Schwermer has thought about possession and value since she was a younggirl. Her family had to leave all theirpossessions in 1942 during World War II to flee from the Russian forces inMemel (former East Prussia). They couldn’ttake anything with them, and this made a great impression on her. Schwermer knew what it was like to bepenniless and throughout her life has been troubled by poverty in theworld. She knows fromexperience that possessions are not what give a person value.譯: Schwermermoved to Dortmund, a major city in Germany, with her two children in the late1980s. She was so shocked by thehomelessness there that she decided to open a swap shop called Gib und Nimm(Give and Take) in 1994. Members of thisgroup swap things and skills without money ever changing hands. What amazed Schwermer was not only how people’sneeds could be met, but also how much the participants benefited from thesocial aspect of their contact. At theswap shop, there is the potential for people to get to know one another andbond. This experience sodeeply moved Schwermer that she decided to quit her job and not buy anythingelse without giving something away. Eventually, she was rid of all her material possessions, including herapartment. In 1996, Schwermer agreed toparticipate in a 12-month experiment that was made into a documentary filmcalled living without money. However, at the end of the 12 months, shedecided that living without money gave her “quality of life, inner wealth, andfreedom”. As a result, Schwermercontinues to live without money.譯:


Schwermer leads a nomadic life by trading practical skills such as gardening and cleaning, as well as her professional skills as a former teacher of 20 years and therapist, for food and a place to live for a short period of time.

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All her possessions fit into one suitcase and one backpack. In addition to making the documentary, she’s written three books. She gives her profits away, however, and insists that her royalties be donated to charity.

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Schwermer lives a life based on the principle that we should not take more than we need. As Schwermer says, “I now feel that my own life is fantastic. I am a happy person who feels a membership to human beings and a big love for all of them”.

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  • 5 年前

    你能想像有人選擇要生活在這個消費的社會中而不花錢嗎?嗯!這正是Heidemarie Schwermer自1996年以來一直在做的事,當時她辭去心理治療師的工作並丟掉了所有的財產。這個69歲的母親有兩個孩子,同時也是3個孫子的祖母,他選擇活在沒有交易買賣壓力的簡單生活中,當Schwermer年輕時也看重自己的家產,在1942的二次世界大戰時,他的家庭拋棄家產遠離蘇聯入侵的Memel (原東普魯士),逃難時沒有攜帶任何東西,這讓她印象深刻。Schwermer知道身無分文的滋味,她的一生都飽嘗世間的貧苦,她知道財產是不會增加一個人的身價。


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