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96 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


As intrigues and

― 96 ―

schemes by the thousands rose against him, it was not possible to look after these children. So precariously situated, it had become impolitic for him to be concerned with affairs of the world. These children had shown no indication that they had benefited from his instruction, nor did they show any promise of doing so in the future. Consequently, Father entertained no illusions about his usefulness. Thus it was not difficult for him to wash his hands of them.

當數千陰謀策劃和詭計起而對抗他的時候, 是不可能去照顧這些孩子了. 由於他對世上事務的關切成為不智之舉, 因此處境相當危險. 這些孩子們沒有跡象表明他們曾受益於他的教導, 他們也沒有表現出任何在未來會這樣做的承諾. 必然地, 父親對他的作用不抱幻想. 因此父親收手不管他們並不困難.

Loyalty to the state had led him to take them under his wing in the first place. He wished to guide them away from trouble. Out of fairmindedness, reasoning that his closeness to the Grand Heir would place him above suspicion, he risked association with these lowly creatures to offer them opportunities for self-improvement rather than prejudging them. But they did not respond as he wished. Though he was still concerned that they might create problems for the state, he felt he had nothing to offer, and so he broke off his relations with them. Born of a vulgar mother, these two boys received no parental guidance. They exercised neither caution nor restraint. They became thoughtlessly exploitstive of the weak and simply took what they wanted from the powerless. Tales of their misbehavior, one worse than the next, circulated far and wide. It was truly worrisome when His Majesty caught wind of their exploits. He grew furious at them and banished them.

對國家的忠誠致使他將庇護他們放在第一位. 他希望引導他們遠離困境. 由於公平性, 他親近世孫的推論將不會受到懷疑. 他冒險與這些卑微的傢伙結交, 提供他們自我提升的機會而非先入為主的成見. 但是他們並沒有像他所希望的那樣回應. 但他仍擔心, 他們可能會爲國家製造問題, 他覺得他也沒有辦法, 於是他斷絕了與他們的關係. 出生自一位庶民的母親, 這兩個男孩沒有得到父母的教導. 他們動作既不謹慎也不克制. 他們變成不假思索地剝削弱者並向失勢者予取予求. 他們不良行爲的流言蜚語,一個比一個糟糕, 並廣為流傳. 這是真是令人擔憂的, 當陛下風聞了他們的事蹟. 他對他們感到怒不可遏, 並驅逐了他們.


Completely unexpectedly, however, Father was implicated. Calamity was dangerously near and we were at wit's end. Because of the Grand Heir's intervention, this passed. By normal standards of human emotion and Heavenly principle, Father's devotion to the Grand Heir should not have been

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called into question. That the Grand Heir was his grandson was reason enough to hold him very dear or, at the very least, much more dear than Unon and Unsin. Yet that evil crowd questioned this! With untenable sophistry they sought to hurt him. How dreadful are the

depths of human malevolence!

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然而, 完全出乎意料的是, 父親被牽連了. 災難危險地接近, 我們束手無策. 因為世孫的干預, 這件事過去了. 通過人類情感的正常標準和天理, 父親對世孫的摯愛不應該被質疑. 至少世孫是他的孫子這理由已充分使他非常疼愛他, 或至少比對恩彥和恩信疼愛得多. 然而那邪惡的人群還質疑這點! 用站不住腳的詭辯, 他們試圖傷害他. 人類的狠毒的深處是多麼可怕!

Father's confinement to Ch'ongju was quickly lifted.[22] Nonetheless, accusatory memorials continued.

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As the accused, Father could not return to his house at Samho, and so he spent a month at a strange place awaiting punishment. These memories of him helplessly stranded like that

bring back the bitterness I felt at the time. In the third month Father was reinstated, and in the sixth month

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he returned to court. Father and daughter were very happy to see each other again. We felt vindicated and relieved.

父親被幽禁到清州迅速地被解除. 然而指控的上疏持續不斷. 作爲被告, 父親無法回到他在三湖的房子, 於是他花了一個月, 在一個陌生的地方等待懲罰. 這些對他的回憶無奈地滯留就像帶回我當時感到的悲痛. 三月, 父親被復職了, 而在六月, 他回到了宮廷. 父親和女兒再度見面非常開心. 我們感覺到平反和欣慰.

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[22]. Hong Ponghan's confinement was lifted on the eleventh of the second month, two days after it began. YS , 116:10a.

[註22]洪鳳漢的幽禁於2月11日被解除, 在開始的2天之後. 英祖實錄 116卷10張A面.

英祖 116卷, 47年(1771 辛卯) 2月 11日(壬午)

○上御金商門, 行朝參, 特寢洪鳳漢付處之命。

寢, 為停止, 平息之意.

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  • 5 年前

    ― 96 ―

    當有數千人以陰謀策劃和詭及計畫起而對抗他的時候, 他是不可能去照顧這些孩子了的. 因此處於危險的時刻時, 由於他對這世界上事務的關切變成為是不智之舉的, 因此處境相當危險. 這些孩子們沒有跡象表明表現出他們曾已受益於他父親的教導, 他們也沒有表現出任何在未來會這樣做的承諾有希望的作為. 必然地因而, 父親對他的作用協助不抱幻想. 因此也因此父親收手不管他們並不困難.

    對國家的忠誠致使他將庇護他們放在第一位. 他希望引導他們遠離困境麻煩. 由於公平性依平常心, 以他與親近世孫的親近關係推論將應可讓他不會受到懷疑. 他冒險與這些卑微平庸的傢伙結交, 提供他們自我提升的機會而非不加之以先入為主的成見. 但是他們並沒有像他所希望的那樣回應. 但雖然他仍擔心他們可能會爲國家製造問題, 但他覺得他也沒有辦法無法可施, 於是他斷絕了與他們的關係. 出生自一位庶民的母親, 這兩個男孩並沒有得到父母的教指導. 他們動作行事既不謹慎也不克制. 他們變成不假思索地剝削弱者並向失勢對無權能者予取予求. 他們不良行爲的流言蜚語,一個比一個糟糕惡劣, 並且被廣為流傳. 這是真是令人擔憂的, 當陛下風聞了他們剝削的事蹟時.他對他們感到怒不可遏, 並於是驅逐了他們.,這真的令人擔憂。 然而, 完全出乎意料的是地, 父親被牽連了. 災難危險地接近, 我們感覺束手無策. 因為世孫的干預, 這件事過去了. 通過依據人類情感的正常標準和天理, 父親對世孫的摯愛付出不應該被質疑. 至少世孫是他的孫子這理由已充分足夠使他非常疼愛他, 或至少在最低的限度上,是比對恩彥和恩信的疼愛多甚得多. 然而那群邪惡的人群還質疑這點! 用站不住腳的詭辯, 他們試圖傷害他. 人類的狠毒的深處是多麼可怕!

    父親被幽禁到在清州的幽禁迅速地被解除了. 然而指控的上疏持續不斷. 作爲被告, 父親無法回到他在三湖的房子, 於是他花了一個月, 在一個陌生的地方等待懲罰. 這些對他的回憶無奈助地滯留擱淺了, 就像比如記憶帶回我當時感到的悲痛. 三月, 父親被復職了, 而在六月時, 他回到了宮廷. 父親和女兒再度見面非常開心. 我們感覺到平反和欣慰. [22].Hong Ponghan's confinement was lifted on the eleventh of the second month, twodays after it began. YS , 116:10a.

    [註22]洪鳳漢的幽禁於2月11日被解除, 在它開始的2天之後. 英祖實錄 116卷10張A面.

    英祖 116卷, 47年(1771 辛卯) 2月 11日(壬午)

    ○上御金商門, 行朝參, 特寢洪鳳漢付處之命。

    寢, 為停止, 平息之意.

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