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98 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 98 ―

Unable to disobey, Father moved to Samho and returned to court. When His Majesty received him in audience, the sagacious countenance shone with delight. His Majesty's affection for his old minister did not seem at all diminished. Subsequently, His Majesty would summon Father periodically for consultation on important affairs of state. On the twenty-first day of the seventh month, Kwanju and Kwiju presented memorials to the throne one after another. Not one word of theirs was true, nor was even one phrase unconnected to some vicious scheme.[*] Their situation was so different from ours. What rancor did they hold against us that they went to such extremes as these? How unfathomable are the incongruous ways of the world! How indiscernible are file evils hidden in the human heart!

無法違抗, 父親搬到了三湖並回到宮廷. 當陛下受到他的覲見時, 睿智的神采閃爍着喜悅. 陛下對他的老臣的鍾愛似乎沒有絲毫減弱. 隨後, 陛下會召喚父親定期對國家重要事務諮詢. 在7月21日, 觀柱和龜柱對君王提出上疏, 一個接一個. 他們沒有一個字是真的, 也不是連一句都無關乎一些邪惡的計劃. 他們的情況是與我們如此的不同. 他們到底懷有何等仇恨要進行如此極端的對抗我們? 這世上不協調的方式是多麼深不可測! 提出隱藏在人心中的邪惡是多麼難以識別!

With discernment as keen and as all-seeing as the sun and the moon, His Majesty cleared Father of the infamy. Then, on the twenty-third, he sent down a stern order to Kwiju. I shed tears of gratitude. Of course, every subject is in royal grace, but my family's indebtedness to His Majesty is truly unique. Even now, whenever I am reminded of his kindness, I become tearful. His Majesty was appalled by what passed between the two affinal families. He declared that, in this vicious struggle, Hong Ponghan was as virtuous as Lin Hsiang-ju or as brave as Lien P'o,[**] and he ordered Kwiju to apologize to my father in the most abject and humble manner. Then His Majesty dealt with him propriately.[***] I had gone down to a small house to await punishment. His Majesty summoned and consoled me. He said, "I asked the Queen to look upon you in the same way as before. She will listen to me. Would you also please no longer be suspicious of the Queen and change your attitude


toward her?" I had been feeling acutely the force of the fanatical hatred directed at my family and myself in each phase of the campaign they waged against us.

以如日月般無所不見的敏銳洞察力, 陛下清除了父親的惡名. 然後, 在23日, 他下達了一道嚴厲的命令給龜柱.

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我流下感激的淚水. 當然, 每個臣民都在王室的恩典中, 但我家族由於陛下的蒙恩確實是獨一無二的. 即使是現在, 每當我想起了他的仁慈, 我變得淚流滿面. 陛下對兩個姻親家庭之間發生的事感到震驚. 他宣稱, 在這邪惡的鬥爭中, 洪鳳漢如同藺相如一樣的正直或和廉頗一樣的勇敢, 並下令龜柱以最難堪和最卑微的方式向父親道歉. 然後陛下適當地處理了他. 我下到一間小房子等候處罰. 陛下召見, 並安慰我.

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他說, "我要求王后用以前同樣旳方式看待妳. 她會聽我的. 可否請妳也不要再懷疑王后並改變妳對她的態度?" 我一直深切地感到針對我家族和我本身狂熱的憎恨力量, 在各方面他們對我們所從事的活動.

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[*] Kim Kwanju was Kim Kwiju's second cousin. His memorial charged Hong Ponghan with three crimes and asked for his execution. Kwiju's memorial was similar. YS , 119:6b-13a. For details of the three charges, see The Memoir of 1802.

*金觀柱是金龜柱的二堂弟. 他的上疏控訴洪鳳漢三項罪行並要求他的處死. 金龜柱的上疏也相同. 英祖實錄, 119卷

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6張B面-13張A面. 詳情見 1802年的回憶錄.

因為內容太多, 僅節錄其中一段

英祖 119卷, 48年(1772 壬辰) 7月 21日(甲寅) 13張A面

○上命承旨讀金龜柱疏, 至半, 上曰: “龜柱亦非矣, 金漢耆難矣。 今番奉朝之請, 亦賢矣。” 敎曰: “今聞金龜柱章, 雖由金觀柱之開端, 此何景象? 皆由年少不檢束而然也。 此章卽給。 金龜柱特解見任, 勿復檢擬於要職。 觀柱章亦給, 以示予不以此二章爲機關之意也。”

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[**] Lin was a famous minister of the Ch'ao state during the Warring States period in China. He served King Huai and is regarded as a paragon of ministerial wisdom and loyalty. Lien was the general of the Ch'ao state. The two were famous as devoted friends.

**藺是一位著名的中國戰國時代趙國大臣. 他侍奉了惠文王.

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並被認爲是大臣智慧與忠誠的典範. 廉是趙國將軍. 兩人為著名的忠實的朋友.

※ King Huai 應譯為 懷王, 可能是筆誤.

[***] Kwiju was dismissed from office, and an injunction was issued declaring that he should not be employed an government again. YS , 119:13a.

***龜柱被免職. 並發出禁令宣佈. 他不應該再受僱於政府. 英祖實錄, 119卷13張A面.

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英祖 119卷, 48年(1772 壬辰) 7月 21日(甲寅) 13張A面


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    ― 98 ―

    無法違抗, 父親搬到了三湖並回到宮廷. 當陛下接受到他的覲見時, 睿智的神采容顏閃爍着喜悅. 陛下對他的老臣的鍾愛似乎沒有絲毫減弱. 隨後, 陛下會定期地召喚父親, 定期並對國家重要事務提出諮詢. 在7月21日, 觀柱和龜柱對向君王提出呈上疏, 一個接一個. 他們沒有一個在上疏上的字是真的, 甚至也不是連沒有一句都無不關乎一些邪惡的計劃. 他們的情況是與我們是如此的不同. 他們到底懷有何等仇恨要進行以如此極端的手段對抗我們? 這世上不協調的方式矛盾的情況是多麼深不可測! 提出隱典藏在人心中的邪惡是多麼難以辨識別!

    以如日月般無所不見的敏銳洞察力, 陛下清除了父親的惡名. 然後, 在23日, 他下達了一道嚴厲的命令給龜柱. 我流下感激的淚水. 當然, 每個臣民都在王室的恩典中, 但我家族由於陛下的蒙恩確實是獨一無二的. 即使是現在, 每當我想起了他的仁慈, 我變得便淚流滿面.陛下對兩個姻親家庭之間發生過的事感到震驚. 他宣稱, 在這邪惡的鬥爭中, 洪鳳漢如同藺相如一樣的正直或和廉頗一樣的勇敢, 並下令龜柱以最難堪和最卑微的方式態度向父親道歉. 然後陛下適當地處理了他. 在這之前, 我已先下到一間小房子裡等候處罰.

    陛下召見, 並安慰我. 他說, "我要求王后用以前同樣旳方式看待妳. 她會聽我的. 可否請妳也不要再懷疑王后, 並而改變妳對她的態度?" 我一直深切地感受到針對我家族和我本身每階段活動的狂熱的憎恨力量, 在各方面他們對我們所從事的活動.

    *金觀柱是金龜柱的二堂弟. 他的上疏控訴洪鳳漢三項罪行並要求將他的處死. 金龜柱的上疏也相同類似. 英祖實錄, 119卷6張B面-13張A面. 詳情見 1802年的回憶錄.

    因為內容太多, 僅節錄其中一段

    英祖 119卷, 48年(1772 壬辰) 7月 21日(甲寅) 13張A面

    ○上命承旨讀金龜柱疏, 至半, 上曰: “龜柱亦非矣, 金漢耆難矣。 今番奉朝之請, 亦賢矣。” 敎曰: “今聞金龜柱章,雖由金觀柱之開端, 此何景象? 皆由年少不檢束而然也。此章卽給。 金龜柱特解見任, 勿復檢擬於要職。 觀柱章亦給, 以示予不以此二章爲機關之意也。”

    **藺是一位著名的中國戰國時代趙國大臣. 他侍奉了惠文王. 並被認爲是大臣內閣智慧與忠誠的典範. 廉是趙國將軍. 兩人為以著名的忠實的朋友著稱.

    ※ King Huai 應譯為 懷王, 可能是筆誤.

    ***龜柱被免職. 並發出有禁令宣佈. 他不應該再受僱於政府. 英祖實錄,119卷13張A面. 英祖 119卷, 48年(1772 壬辰) 7月 21日(甲寅) 13張A面


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