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  • 5 年前

    Do not have soap soap, do not add flavor, antibacterial, antiseptic and fixative agent, foaming agent chemical raw materials. Is the most pure essential oils into the soap.

    After Soap making, after four - eight weeks of ripening period, it tends to be weak alkaline PH value, it can be used. The surface of the white dot is soap powder, in the saponification process, traces of temperature and humidity, not moldy Oh ~~ used once or twice will be lost, does not affect the function of soap.

    Soap because it contains large amounts of natural glycerin, and glycerin has a strong moisturizing power, so there is marshy after use, sweating like a small water droplets, which is normal. To be placed in a cool ventilated place, and kept dry.

    Use tips: You can first wet bath sponge or scouring pad, then rub in the soap bubble, you can extend the life of the soap yo !!



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  • 5 年前

    Instead of using SOAP to SOAP, and does not add fragrances, antibacterial, antiseptic and fixative agent, foaming agent and other chemical raw materials.Are the purest essential oils into SOAP.

    Handmade soap making, after a 4-8 week maturation period, to PH values tend to be alkaline, can be used.White spots on the surface of soap powder, in the process of saponification, traces of humidity and temperature, is not the musty Oh ~ ~ used one or two will fall back, feature does not impact on the SOAP.

    Handmade soap because it contains a large number of natural Glycerin, glycerol has strong moisturizing power, so little use after wet and soft, sweat drops, this is normal.To put it in a cool and ventilated place, and keep dry.

    Tip: you can snake melon bath cloth or wet sponge, rub in the soap bubbles, you can extend the life of SOAP yo!!

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