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leelili 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前

How is it today?是問天氣嗎?

1.請問How is it today?是問天氣如何嗎?該如何回答?


How is the weather?或What's the weather like?

2. How is the weather?和What's the weather like?



Q:How is the weather? A: It is a sunny day.

Q:What is the weather like? A: It is hot.

3 個解答

  • 5 年前

    (1)It means how do you pass your day today !

    ----What do you encounter on passing your day today !

    ----"how" is an adverb.Now in what way; by what means refers to people in your office treating and hitting you today.

    ---In what condition; to what degree refers to work,office work in your office treating heavily,severely, too much on your mind today.

    ----They are in direct contact or depending on your office environment question,which you have to answer yourself.With the help of colleagues,friends living, surrounding, relating to your office, you can say"social---social" as a matter of courtesy, of politeness, of manners , of act of civility etc.

    (2)Yes it can be exchanged; you are affected by weather ; read your daily report of weather forcast as long as you" come safely through " in life !!!!!

    eg;-Q:How is the weather? A:It is a sunny day.

    eg:-Q:-What is the weather like? A:-It is hot.

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  • 5 年前

    麗靜大大 在學英語時候 好像就忘記了 "人"類的習慣?

    1.很多以問句形態的問候語 是 "不期待回答"的!

    就如台灣人愛問的,"妳吃飽沒".並不是在問"你的晚餐".所以有很多人就回答"好久不見了!你好嗎?"這樣的習慣 在英語也存在!

    How is it today!

    也許只是 break the ice的問候語.根本沒有要跟你說天氣的意圖!

    2015-07-14 00:55:51 補充:

    2. 問候語 的真正含意 要看動作 與上下文.

    當上下文是在說"天氣"時,How is it today! 就有可能是在說天氣.

    當上下文是在說"生意"時,How is it today! 就有可能是在說生意.

    2015-07-14 00:58:27 補充:

    學英語 you need to keep your common senses 學到"無感"的程度,豈不是浪費力氣?

    2015-07-14 01:05:51 補充:

    注意: "回答"與"回應"是有差別的.

    問候語 通常 只期待 "回應" 而不期待"回答".

    "妳吃飽沒"不是期待 任何關於`晚餐"的回答.

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  • 5 年前

    1. How is it today 的意思是說今天過的怎麼樣,並不是問天氣喔

    如果有人問你How is it today?你可以說it's good today ,就只是單純問你今天過的怎麼樣喔

    2. 可以替換喔,是一樣的意思


    參考資料: 留學經驗
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