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急~~~~ 請英文強者幫忙解答一下問題 問題有點多 麻煩講

請幫忙解決一下問題 問題有點多

1.The housing conditions in Taitung are quite different from_______ in Taipei.

(A) it (B) one (C) which (D) those


2.Academic writers usually ________ an ending chapter for a long time.

(A) pick on (B) mull over (C) die out (D) throw up

3.It needed a great deal of management _________ a girl like Judy from canceling the trip. (A) to dissuading (B) dissuades (C) dissuaded (D) to dissuade

4.Most people would be delighted to ________.

(A) promote (B) promoted (C) be promoted (D) be promoting

5.James lost the game, but the sense of achievement he got frorm participating in it

was a great__________. (A) reward (B) basis (C) issue (D) task

6.Please show Mr. Wang to the waiting room when he ___________

(A) will arrive (B) had arrived (C) arriving (D) arrives

7.Devoted_______ homeless children,Dr. Nichola's goal is to found an orphanage for them. (A) in helping (B) for help (C) to helping (D) to helps

8. It was a _________ surprising report to everyone.

(A) true (B) truly (C) truth (D) truely

9.Robert's rashness in the face of danger finally ________ him his life.

(A) cost (B) deprived (C) lost (D) took

10.The design of our new office is________ of Gaudi's building in Barcelona.

(A) memorable (B) remembering (C) reminiscent (D) thinking

11.Most of the ________ members aboard the new ocean liner were from Indonesia. (A) crew (B) gang (C) staff (D) team

12.I am sorry I said that. But it wasn't my __________ to hurt you.

(A) intention (B) meaning (C) plan (D) purpose

13. The performance of Beethoven's fifth symphony was _________ by a weak violin section. (A) harmed (B) lessened (C) marred (D) reduced

14.All applicants for this job must have a university ______

(A) career (B) certificate (C) course (D) degree

15. These families have been living beyond their ________ for several years.

(A) means (B) money (C) resources (D) status


16. All the evidence _____ to the politician's involvement in the crime.

(A) attributes (B) points (C) refers (D) shows

17.Bees find their way to the nectar in a flower _______ differences in the humidity of the air

(A) which senses (B) by sensing (C) sence (D) sensed

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    The answers:-

    (1)D those

    (2)D throw up

    (3)D to dissuade

    (4)C be promoted

    (5)A reward

    (6)D arrives

    (7)C to helping

    (8)B truly

    (9)A cost

    (10)C reminiscent

    (11)A crew

    (12)A intention

    (13)B lessened

    (14)D degree

    (15)A means

    (16)B points

    (17)B By sensing